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The one on Savannah Febesh

This post is the official apology, on behalf of Newsday, to Friends Academy's Savannah Febesh. That's F-E-B-E-S-H.

For more than a year we had her name as “Sebesh” in the date base and that, of course, led to it showing up as that in highlights, in the scoring leaders and, unfortunately, in September's field hockey season preview. I guess the “F” and “S” sounding alike led to that booboo initially. But give Savannah and her parents credit for patience. They actually waited over a year before letting us know we'd been messing up the name.

I ran into her mom, Carol (or Mrs. Febesh), at the Quakers game against New Hyde Park on Wednesday and apologized for it and she was cool about it. The response: “Hey, 'Sebesh' is much closer than what they had for her caption in a photo. She was Mary-Kate [last name that starts with a “D”] on there.” (It was a Russian-sounding last name, but I don't remember it.)  Uh, there isn't a Mary-Kate on the Friends Academy roster, so that one is hard to explain. I told Mrs. Febesh, jokingly, that the next time her daughter's name shows up in the paper, she'll be Jimmy Anderson. It's become a running joke between Savannah and her mom, who said she set her BBM status to "Mary-Kate [forgotten last name]." 

Savannah's good about it, too. “It's not a big deal,” said the junior, who has nine points for the 8-3-1 Quakers. “A lot of people mess up the name and I've kind of gotten used to it. It is kind of an unusual name.”

Little bit, but we promise to get it right from here on out, Saman... I mean, Savannah. 


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