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Class II Long Island Championship: Garden City vs. Bellport

The Bellport Clippers hold aloft the championship plaque

The Bellport Clippers hold aloft the championship plaque after beating Garden City, 26-21, in the Class II Long Island Championship game at Stony Brook University. (Nov. 27, 2010) Photo Credit: Kevin P. Coughlin

Garden City (10-1) seek a second consecutive Class II championship and again feature an elite defense.  The Trojans surrendered just 73 points this season. They'll face a tough Bellport team that's won six straight games and topped East Islip, 32-14, in the Suffolk final.

We're set for a noon kickoff, so getcha popcorn ready.

** BELLPORT WINS, 26-21**

First Quarter
Bellport won the coin toss but elected to defer but the kickoff rolled out of bounds at the 19. The Trojans start at the 35.

Tom Gordon hit Patrick Berkery on an a 3-yard out in the end zone to put the Trojans on the board at 7:18. Garden City opted to go for it on fourth down and Gordon, off a play fake, rolled right and slung it outside to Berkery. The drive went 65 yards on 10 plays. 7-0, Garden City

[Stephen Jahelka got the carry on first down and ran up the middle for a yard... Patric Berkery got a 13-yard catch and run off a short curl route that got the Trojans to the 49... A false start pushed them back to the 44... On first-and-15, Tom Gordon hit Mark Ellis on a short out to the Bellport 48 to set up a second-and-7... Berkery ran a sweep off left tackle for a gain of a yard... Before the third-and-7 play, Garden City called timeout at 9:42. Gordon hit Berkery for 17 yards on a well-run corner route to convert the first down and move Garden City to the 35... Jahelka burst off left tackle - through a huge hole - and sprinted for 22 yards to the 13... Gordon's pass for Berkery on a slant was high and incomplete... On second down, Gordon rolled right and hit Berkery on a quick out for 7 yards underneath the coverage... On third down, Jahelka was tackled after a 1-yard gain up the middle, setting up the fourth-down touchdown.]

Travis Houpe scored an 11-yard touchdown at 4:48 for Bellport. Off a misdirection, he broke outside to the right and ran untouched into the end zone. The extra point was missed, however. 7-6, Garden City

[Bellport started at the 20 after a touchback... Houpe slashed off left tackle for 14 yards to the 34... Houpe picked up the first down on a sweep off the right side and burst up the sideline to the 46... Against an overload front, Houpe carried off right guard for 1 yard... Mike Burton caught a 34-yard pass from Justin Honce on a go route and reached the 11, setting up Houpe's touchdown.]

Garden City started at the 14 after a block in the back penalty on the kickoff... Jahelka ran off right guard for 6 yards to the 20... Two incomplete passes brought up fourth down and the Trojans punted. The boot went to the Bellport 37. The Clippers will get it with 3:30 left in the quarter.

Honce hit for Armand Correa for a 15-yard touchdown at 10:08 to give Bellport the lead. Honce hit Correa again on an out route for the two-point conversion.  Bellport, 14-7

[Houpe was dropped for a loss in the backfield to bring up a second-and-14, but Honce hit Burton in the seam for 24-yard catch to 31... Houpe ran for 2 yards... On the last play of the quarter, Houpe shot up the middle for five yards to bring up third-and-3 and get the Clippers to the 24...

Second Quarter

Schwicke ran for two yards up the middle setting up fourth-and-1... Houpe ran converted the first down and got the Clippers to the 19... On first down, Houpe ran for two yards.]

Garden City starts at their 39 at 9:56... Berkery ran for 30 yards off left tackle and broke two tackles on a run t the 31.... Jahelka hit Gordon for a 4-yard pass to the left... Berkery ran off right tackle to the 20 for the first down... Gordon's pass on first down was incomplete on a deep corner route to the end zone, but the Trojans were flagged for holding and the ball moved back to the 35... On first and-and-20, Gordon was intercepted by Rob Schwicke on an intended middle screen and he returned it to the 42 before stepping out of bounds with 8:04 remaining in the half.

Bellport started at the 42... After an incomplete pass on first down, Houpe ran for seven yards to the 35... On third down, Honce bobbled the snap but regained control, eluded a rusher and rolled right before throwing incomplete as he was being taken down. Intentional grounding was called, bringing up fourth-and-13... The 38-yard punt was returned by Mark Ellis for 11 yards to the 18.

On first down, Berkery slashed outside off left tackle, eluded a defender, and sprinted up the left sideline 82 yards for a touchdown at 6:30 to tie the score for the Trojans.  14-14

Correa returned the kickoff 19 yards to the 34 for Bellport. They'll start with 6:24 remaining in the half... Houpe ran up the middle for four yards... Honce ran off left guard on a QB keeper for 3 yards, bringing up third-and-3...  Honce overshot an open receiver on a go route to bring up fourth down... The punt went out of bounds at the 24 wth 4:35 left.

Jahelka ran for two yards up the middle... Berkery caught a deep out route for 12 yards and a first down at the 35... Garden City called timeout with 2:42... Gordon threw deep for Mark Ellis, who had the catch initially, but had the ball ripped away as he went down. It fell incomplete... On secnd-and-10, Berkery took a toss, bobbled it, and was tackled a three-yard loss... On third-and-13, Gordon threw deep for Matt Confort toward the right sideline but overthrew him by about two yards... Ryan Norton's 32-yard punt was returned by Correa to the 47.

Honce threw a 28-yard touchdown to Burton to give Bellport the lead with a minute left in the half. They ran a reverse to go for a two-point conversion but the run came up short. 20-14, Bellport 

[Bellport starts with 1:27 remaining... Houpe ran for 10 yards off left tackle to the 37... Houpe ran off right guard for nine yards to the 28... On second-and-1, Honce took a shotgun snap and hit Burton on a skinny post for the score.]

Halftime: 20-14, Bellport

Third Quarter
Bellport started at the 34... Allen was stuffed for a 2-yard loss... On third down, Honce was sacked for a loss of 10... On fourth down, Ellis returned Burton's punt to the 37.

Berkery ran for 23 yards to the 20... Jahelka barrelled up the middle for 12 yards to the 8... Berkrey carried up the middle for three yards to the 5... Gordon hit Berkery in the left corner of the end zone on an out, but Berkery couldn't hold on... On third down, Gordon's fade to the right corner was overthrown... On fourth down, Gordon was sacked by Kevin Schwicke at the 14 for a 9-yard loss for a turnover on downs.

Bellport starts at the 14 with 7:38 left... Schwicke ran up the middle for 2 yards...  Houpe took a sweep off left tackle for two yards to the 16.. On third-and-8, Honce was pressured heavily and threw incomplete to his right.

Berkery scored a 1-yard touchdown on a misdirection toss that went off left guard and gave Garden City the lead at 2:18. 21-20, Garden City

[A false start pushed Garden City back to the Bellport 34 and set up a third-and-14 with 5:48 left... Garden City picked up the first down at the 24 via a pass interference on the third-down heave... Berkery ran for five yards off left tackle... Jahelka ran up the middle for four yards... Gordon picked up the first down with a QB sneak for a yard to the 13... Gordon overshot the end zone on a long pass to bring up second-and-10... Gordon hit Berkery for a 12-yard completion on a quick comeback to the 1... Gordon was stopped short on a QB sneak... On second-and-goal, Jahelka was stopped short on a plunge off right guard, setting up Berkery's touchdown run.]

Bellport started at the 20 after a touchback. On second-and-9, Honce threw a great deep ball for Correa up the left sideline, but it was just out of the receiver's reach... Honce's pass over the middle on third down fell incomplete... Burton's 34-yard punt was fielded by Mark Ellis at the 46 and he was tackled after a 1-yard gain.

Garden City starts at its 46... Gordon's first down pass for Berkery on a deep corner fell incomplete... Jahelka ran up the middle for three yards... On third-and-7, Jahelka was tackled for a loss of two on a run off left guard.

Fourth Quarter

Norton's punt went out of bounds at the 27... Flags were thrown after late hits and both teams were penalized for personal fouls (unsportsmanlike conduct)... Houpe suffered a left leg injury after running for two yards to the 29. After laying down for a minute, he was helped off the field and walked with a noticeable limp... Nate Chavious picked up the first down with a 6-yard run up the middle to the 42... Burton caught a 10-yard out to the 48 to pick up the first down... [**Houpe reentered the game**]... Honce threw incomplete over the middle for Alejandro Morales... On second-and-10, Honce's pass for Morales went wide right a bit and, though the receiver came up with it, he was ruled out of bounds on the dive... Honce's pass over the middle deep was picked off on a leaping catch by Berkery at the 28. [Houpe was injured on the play and left the field again.]

Garden City takes over at the 28 with 9:40 remaining.... Berkery ran off right tackle for a 16-yard gain to the 44... Jahelka ran for five yards to the 49... Jahelka shot up the middle but had the ball stripped and Bellport at the 41.

A five-yard run by Houpe was negated on a block in the back penalty that pushed the Clippers back to the 30... A deep ball to Morales went incomplete, though there was contact and the receiver fell down after getting tangled with a defender. Bellport was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct and pushed back to their 15 (third-and-36) after complaining about pass interference not being called.... On third-and-36, Honce was sacked and fumbled, which Garden City's Mike Borges recovered at the 12.

Garden City takes over with 6:49 left... Jahelka powered up the middle for four yards... Berkery was dropped for a two-yard loss on second down... On third-and-8, Gordon's pass for Berkery on an out was incomplete... On fourth-and-8, Berkery took the pitch, rolled right and threw for Ellis, but it fell incomplete. Bellport takes over with 5:16 left at the 12.

Houpe ran for two yards up the middle... Honce hit Burton in the seam for a 25-yard completion to the 39... Honce then completed a 22-yarder to Morales over the middle (leaping catch) to the Garden City 39 with 3:42 left... Honce's pass for Morales on a hitch went incomplete... On second-and-10, Honce threw deep for Morales toward the left sideline, but the ball sailed and Ellis picked it off at the 10 with 3:14 left.

Berkery spun for a 3-yard gain to the 13... Berkery was stopped for no gain on second down... Gordon was tackled in the backfield on a QB keeper at the 9 with 2:19 remaining.... Norton's punt went only to the Garden City 30. Bellport will have it there at 2:13.

Houpe scored a 3-yard touchdown with 1:23 left to give Bellport the lead. Houpe took a pitch outside, cut left outside and ran in around left tackle for the go-ahead score. Honce's two-point conversion pass for Morales was incomplete. 26-21, Bellport

[Houpe ran for four yards to the 26... Houpe went off right guard for two yards. [Bellport timeout with 1:43 left.] ... Honce hit Correa on a shallow crossing route and the receiver picke up yards after the catch cutting diagonally toward the left sideline for 21 yards to the 3... Honce threw incomplete, stopping the clock at 1:28.]

Garden City starts at their 22 with 1:16 remaining... Gordon's deep throw for Ellis on a corner fell incomplete...  Gordon's deep ball for Berkery went incomplete... Garden City picked up the first down and reached the Bellport 34. #16 caught a short curl and flipped back to Berkery on a hook & lateral. Berkery then streaked up the right sideline into Bellport territory with 46 seconds left... Gordon, pressured from the blind side, threw right for a curl but was intercepted by Burton toward the sideline. Bellport takes over at the 49 with 30 seonds left.

With a kneel down, Bellport ends it.

Bellport wins, 26-21


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