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Division/Hewlett leftovers - the good stuff

So anyone who has any stake in Conference III news knows that Hewlett won again, and won big against Division this evening (46-7, to those keeping track at home).

Call me long-winded, but 350 words just isn't enough to get to in all the good stuff. Thank goodness for the internet, where I can go over word count and not test the patience of the probably-too-patient-with-me-anyway copy editors.

So: I get to keep my job, the editors are happy, and you get extra notes. This is what Michael Scott calls a win-win-win. It's divided, much like the stands - first part is about Hewlett, second is about Division. Onward ho!


Hewlett Stuff

Hewlett coach Jay Iaquinta says that the Bulldogs can't score at will. It just looks that way. Hewlett has outscored opponents 150-21 in four games. That is not a typo. But check out Iaquinta talking about today's game:

"I don't think we can score at will," he said. "In the first half, the defense and special teams actually outscored the offense. So even though it looks like a lot of points, we still have a considerable amount of work to do."

His, 'good isn't good enough' attitude is probably one of the many reasons Hewlett is so good. Another reason, he stressed, was that big, bad offensive line.

The award to 'guys people rarely talk about at a high school game, but probably should' goes to the Hewlett O-line. "We probably have the best offensive line we've had," Iaquinta said. QB Alex Kahn runs the triple option and Hewlett has an extremely well put-together running game. These guys quietly (or loudly, if you count the sounds of pads crashing against pads) make the difference. Time for some shoutouts:

Niv Sultan (Sr. 6-4, 260); Standley Fridman (Jr. 5-11, 185); Jeff Cooper (Sr. 5-10, 210); Jordan Browdy (Sr. 5-9, 200), Kim Levandovsky (Sr. 6-2, 230)

Jefferson Agudelo thinks they can win it all. And I do love an excuse to mix it up and interview different players. "Everyone's been on time," he said. "Everyone's doing what they're supposed to do....if we continue to work hard and everyone is on the same page and there are no arguments and we do what we have to do, we can win it all."

Also, I started my story with Gabe Rodriguez, and never mentioned he had a sack. Forget fast, that kid is quick. Excellent reaction time.

Division Stuff

Yeah, it was a tough one. But this team's still got a lot going on. And honestly, for nine minutes at the start of the game, I half expected things to end much differently than they did.

Coach Ray Weidlein says it's a work in progress. I spoke to Weidlein before the game in case things went long, deadline got tight, and interviews didn't so much happen. Here's what he had to say: "We've been struggling offensively," he said. "We've had some adversity with some injuries and stuff and our identity right now offensively is shaky. We're going to do the best we can and hope we can control the ball a little bit and keep it out of their hands."

He knew it was going to be a fight. "We have to try to compete with them," he said. "The thing is, [Hewlett's] fast and I don't know if we match up with their speed, but we're going to do the best we can. They're well coached, but we have tough kids here. I feel like we're going to give it our best and we look forward to the challenge of playing a 3-0 team."

Rob McNamara is too legit to quit. (That, by the way, is a shoutout to fellow reporter Stephen Haynes, who worked 'too legit to quit' into a Massapequa field hockey article. I kid you not.)  Weidlein had nothing but good things to say about the linebacker/fullback. McNamara struggled with the rest of them, but he's considered one of the shining stars out of Levittown. "He's our captain," he said. "He's our only elected captain...He's a great leader and a good football player."

The new press box at Division High School is sah-weeeeet. Ok, so this item mostly concerns the coaches and the press...but seriously, those are some nice digs. The school opened the brand new press box on Thursday. No one knew how to open the gate thing (technical term) blocking the window, so I sat in the stands. But my laptop had a power outlet. And there were lights. And, since there was a big threat of rain all night, this was the most incredible thing ever. The skies opened up. Birds sang. There were rainbows. <slow clap>

Speaking of sitting in the stands... Shoutout to the Division fans sitting near the press box. Any group of people that can stay pleasant when the home team is down 46 points is alright by me. As I was leaving, one lady told me the boys had "lots of heart." Sweet. Special thumbs up to the woman who made sure I wrote the right Muller boy into the story and the guy who helpfully told me (1) the font I was using was too small for my eyes and (2) how long the last scoring run was. Both extremely helpful. 

Also, I have no idea who said it, but I agree: If the concession stand is open for MacArthur's games, it should totally be open for Division's. I would have sold my kingdom for a Coke.

Ok. That's all I got. If you're still reading, thanks! See yah next time.

p.s. One of my coworkers hates part of my lede in the game story. (A lede is the first or first couple paragraphs of an article). He said my, "...small but powerful linebacker, not prone to fits of scoring..." is lame, since of course he doesn't score, he's a linebacker. Which is the point...because it's kind of tongue-in-cheek, and thus not lame. I encourage anyone still reading to tell him he's wrong in the comments section. You too can be part of a debate that will likely go on for three months, give or take a year.


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