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LIC Class III Final: Lynbrook vs. Sayville

Class 3: Lynbrook vs. Sayville

Class 3: Lynbrook vs. Sayville Credit: composite

Long Island Class III championship at Hofstra

Lynbrook (10-1) vs. Sayville (10-1)


 Lynrbook receives the kickoff and only gets to the five. Quarterback Paul Magloire rushes for 12 yards on the first play. Magloire gains eight yards. Travis Lock gets to the 30 for a first down. Lynbrook faces a third-and-5 at the 35. Magloire keeps it up the middle and is just short of the first down. It is fourth down, but Sayville is offside giving the Owls the first down. 

Lock gets a huge run for a 30-yard gain to the Sayville 25. Mike Kozlakowski with a nice run down to the 1. Magloire scores on a 1-yard run with 7:46 left in the quarter. The extra point fails. Lynbrook 6, Sayville 0

The drive covers 95 yards on nine plays.

Tom Hannan returns the kick 71 yards for Sayville to give it the ball at the Lynbrook 15. John Haggart gains two to the 13. An incomplete pass, but  a roughing the passer penalty gives Sayville a first down at the 6. Haggart then scores on a 6-yard run with 6:50 left. Haggart hits the upright. Lynbrook 6, Sayville 6 

Lock with a 45-yard kickof return to midfield. Lock gains one yard. The Owls face third-and-7. Magloire bootlegs to the right on third down and throws across his body to Anthony Rainone, who is inches short of the first down. Magloire picks up the first down with a run to the 39. A personal foul has been called against Sayville. It's 15 yards and the ball is spotted at the 24. Lock gains four yards. Magloire gains two. Magloire picks up a yard and it's fourth-and-3. Lock gets the carry and picks up two yards and Lynbrook turns the ball over on downs with 2:01 left.

Sayville takes over at its own 15. Haggart gains eight yards. On a third-and-2, the pass is incomplete. The punt goes to the Lynbrook 41.

Magloire passes to Bruton Kendall for a 7-yard gain to end the quarter.



Magloire picks up a first down to the 44. An illegal shift on the offense makes it first-an-15. A loss on first down brings it to the Owls 45 and it's second-and-21. Magloire hits Jared Kahn to the Sayville 43. Magloire with a highlight-reel run down to the 10-yard line. Lock gains one yard. Kozlakowski scores on a 8-yard run with 9:32 left in the second quarter. Kozlakowski runs in the two-point conversion. Lynbrook 14, Sayville 6 

Sayville starts at its own 41. The first play goes incomplete. Andrew Mehr breaks up the pass on second down for the second straight play. Steven Ferreira hits Josh Tordic for a 36-yard pass down to the 23. Haggart gains five yards. Ferreira hits Richard Millwater for a gain to the 8-yard line making it first down. Ferreira takes the ball down to the three for a gain of five on second down. On third down, Haggart gains one yard. On fourth-and-goal from the two, Ferreira hits Josh Tordik for a 2-yard TD with 6:25 left. The two-point conversion pass fails. Lynbrook 14, Sayville 12

Lynbrook starts at its own 18. Lock gains seven yards. Magloire gains two yards and it's third-and-1. There goes Lock. He explodes through the hole for a 72-yard TD run with 4:38 left. The two-point conversion fails. Lynbrook 20, Sayville 12

Sayville starts at its own 40. After two plays, Sayville is at the Lynbrook 40. Ferreira throws a perfect fade to Tordik for 26 yards to the 14. Ferreira keeps it after a fake and gains seven yards. Haggart scores on a 7-yard run with 2:36 left in the first half. Ferreira hits Tordik for the two-point conversion and it is tied. Lynbrook 20, Sayville 20

Lynbrook starts at its own 36. On a third-and-9, Magloire hits Luke Spitzer, who hauls in a deflected pass for a 29-yard gain to the 34. Lynbrook faces a third-and-4 at the 28 and Magloire hits Kozlakowski who fumbes but Bruton Kendall recovers at the 11 for Lynbrook. Magloire hits Kendall for a nine-yard gain to the two. Sayville calls a timeout with 15 seconds left. Lynbrook had no timeouts left. Magloire gets a first down and then on the next play scores on a 1-yard run with three seconds left. Magloire comes up short on a run on the two-point conversion. Lynbrook 26, Sayville 20


Lynbrook stats
Paul Magloire: 6-7, 80

Paul Magloire: 16 carries, 72 yards, 2 TDs
Travis Lock: 11 carries, 134 yards, TD
Mike Kozlakowski: 3 carries, 33 yards, TD, PAT run

Anthony Rainone: 1 for 7
Kendall Bruton: 2 for 16
Luke Spitzer: 1 for 29
Jared Kahn: 1 for 12

Angelo Messina: 0 for 1

#27: 2 passes defensed

Sayville stats
Steven Ferreira: 4-8, 48, TD, PAT throw

John Haggart: 9 carries, 32 yards, two TDs
Steven Ferreira: 2 carries, 12 yards

#24 Josh Tordik: 3 for 64, TD, PAT catch
#23 Richard Millwater: 1 for 10
#3 James Rupp: 1 for 17

John Haggart: 0 for 1


Sayville starts at its own 35 and drives to the Lynbrook 16 and faces a fourth-and-1 at the 16. Ferreira gets the carry and is stopped. Sayville turns it over on downs.

Lynbrook goes three-and-out and Sayville's Mike Matson blocks the punt and gives Sayville the ball at the Owls' 5. Haggart picks up one yard. The second down play is an incomplete pass. A swing pass intended for Haggart gets broken up and Haggart takes a big hit on third down. The fourth down pass is incomplete as Luke Spitzer gets a hand on the pass in the end zone. A big stop for Lynbrook with five minutes left in the quarter.

Lynbrook takes over and goes three-and-out and gets off a 40-yard punt. After an eight-yard return and a personal foul against Lynbrook gives Sayville the ball at the 29. Haggart gains 14 yards in first down to the 15. A swing pass to Hannan gains nine yards. Haggart gets to the one and on the next play Haggart is stopped. Haggart gets stopped again on third down. Dylan Bien makes the stop to end the third quarter.



Sayville has a fourth-and-goal from the 1 to start the quarter. Haggart scores on a 1-yard run with 11:57 left in the game to tie the score. Haggart hits the right upright and the ball goes down and in for the extra point. Sayville 27, Lynbrook 26

Lynbrook starts at its own 25. Lock gains 27 yards rushing on the first play of the drive. On third-and-7 from the Sayville 46 Lynbrook throws an incomplete pass. Lynbrook gets off a good punt and Sayville will start at the 11.

Haggart gains four yards. On third-and-6, Lynbrook gets called for pass interferance so Sayville will keep possession at its own 30 and gets a first down. Bruton Kendall intercepts a pass at the 50 and takes it to the 7 for a 43-yard return. There was a penalty on Sayville for holding, but it was declined.

Magloire takes it to the 2 on a run and Lock scores on a 2-yard run with 7:28 left in the game. Magloire has a pehnomenal run, leaping high over a defender at the four and lands in the end zone to convert the two-point conversion. Lynbrook 34, Sayville 27

Sayville starts at its own 43 and faces a fourth-and-6 with 6:38 left. Sayville will go for it Ferreira hits Millwater for a first down and its pass interferance on the defense. Sayville will accept the 15-yard penalty since it is longer than the pass completion. Sayville gets the ball at the Owls' 38. Haggart gains 14 yards. The first down play is incomplete. Mehr breaks up his fourth pass of the game. On third-and-8, Dylan Bien gets the sack to bring up fourth-and-9 and it is incomplete. Lynbrook will take over on downs with 4:47 left. Kozlakowski brought the pressure forcing the pass.

Kozlakowski gets 34 yards to midfield and he must have dragged the entire Sayville for about 15 yards. He just wouldn't go down. Magloire then gains 26 yards to the Sayville 21. Kozlakowski picks up a first down and the ball is at the 9 with 1:45 left. Magloire scores on a 2-yard run on a quarterback keeper with 1:36 left. Magloire runs in the two-point conversion. Lynbrook 42, Sayville 27

 Sayville will start at its own 27 with 1:31 left. Brandon Cheney gets a sack on the first play for a loss of five. Sayville turns it over on downs and will kneel it down to run out the clock.


It is the second LIC win for Lynbrook.




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