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Nassau girls basketball preview

Baldwin teammates, from left, Tiara Place, Tyra Harrison

Baldwin teammates, from left, Tiara Place, Tyra Harrison and Lames El Gammal celebrate after the Lady Bruins' 50-47 win over Sachem East in the varsity girls basketball Class AA Long Island Championship at Farmingdale State College on March 7, 2014. Credit: James Escher



Coach: Pete Cerrone

Last season: 2-8

Key players:

F Italee Brown-Smikle 5-10 Sr.

F Sam Huebner 5-10 Jr.

G Hailey Lospitalier 5-10 Jr.

G Cailee Peretline 5-6 Jr.

G Aisha Smikle 5-6 So.

Outlook: With just two seniors on the roster, the Dalers are a bit inexperienced. But they are a very athletic bunch that plays aggressive pressure defense, and Brown-Smikle’s ability to score will help stabilize the offense.


Coach: Meredith Jones

Last season: 7-3

Key players:

F/C Taylor Abraham 5-11 8th grade

G Bianca Benjamin 5-6 So.

G Katherine Sanchez 5-6 Sr.

G/F Phalan Smith 5-8 Jr.

G Maya Thomas 5-7 Jr.

Outlook: Freeport graduated seven seniors from last season’s squad, making this year something of a competitive rebuild. Behind speed and defense, Jones figures to have this team in the thick of it in AA-I.


Information not reported to Newsday


Coach: Beth Shackel-Scott

Last season: 10-0

Key players:

G Bianca Furci 5-9 Sr.

F Gabriella Heimbauer 6-1 8th grade

G/F Melanie Hingher 6-1 Sr.

G Kole Pollock 5-10 Sr.

G Allie Stackpole 5-7 Sr.

Outlook: The Chiefs lost to Baldwin in the Nassau Class AA finals last season and they’re looking to build upon last season’s success with a deep, athletic bench and continued tough defense. Hingher is one of the top talents in Nassau.


Coach: Jason Manning

Last season: 8-5

Key players:

G Jamie Behar 6-1 8th grade

G Sami Bloecker 5-3 Sr.

F Courtney Capobianco 5-7 Sr.

G Cassie Cesario 5-4 Sr.

G Risa Zucker 5-4 Sr.

Outlook: The Sailors are coming off their best season in 10 years, according to Manning. They made the playoffs in AA-II and are now looking to do the same in AA-I. Behind the strong defense of Cesario, Zucker and Capobianco, this team can go far.


Coach: Diane Malley

Last season: 5-4

Key players:

G Molly Breslow 5-6 Jr.

F Rachel Burrei 5-9 Jr.

F Sarah Garner 5-11 Sr.

G Camryn Monfort 5-6 Jr.

G Sarah Solomon 5-4 Sr.

Outlook: Syosset has made two consecutive playoff berths, and the experienced roster will look to make it three straight on the strength of experienced guard play and new depth at the forward position.


Coach: Danielle Nicol

Last season: 6-4

Key players:

G Nohelly Derosiers 5-3 Sr.

G Heavyn Giles 5-5 Fr.

G Ashley Jara 5-4 Sr.

F Bianca Nwatu 5-8 Sr.

F Belinda Saint Louis 6-0 Jr.

Outlook: The goals this season for Uniondale are simple: limit turnovers and find Jara, one of the top three-point shooters in the county, for open looks on the perimeter.




Coach: Tom Catapano

Last season: 13-0

Key players:

G Jenna Annecchiarico 5-5 So.

C Lames El Gammal 6-2 Sr.

G Kaia Harrison 5-5 Fr.

G/F Aziah Hudson 5-6 So.

F Montia Moon 5-5 Jr.

Outlook: Annecchiarico, El Gammal, Harrison and Hudson are four of the top players in the county, and the Bruins will go as far as they take them. In all likelihood, that’ll be pretty far. They’re back-to-back county champions.


Coach: Peter Olenik

Last season: 2-10

Key players:

C Erin Fowler 5-8 Sr.

F Kelli Hosey 5-4 Sr.

G Gabriella Heim 5-3 Sr.

G Crista San Antonio 5-3 Sr.

F Emily Shurina 5-7 So.

Outlook: The Jets have strong senior leadership in co-captains Heim and San Antonio. Shurina will be the team’s top offensive threat after a season in which she was selected All-Class. She is one of the best free-throw shooters in Nassau.


Coach: Frank LoCascio

Last season: 6-7

Key players:

G Sabrina Adamo 5-5 Sr.

G Julia Bentrewicz 5-6 So.

F Atalah Eady 6-0 Sr.

C Ijah Fletcher 6-2 So.

G Emily Henderson 5-6 Sr.

Outlook: Eady and Fletcher are above-average post players, and the athleticism of Adamo, Bentrewicz and Henderson should help form a balanced inside-out attack for the Comets.


Coach: Nick Tomasulo

Last season: 2-10

Key players:

G Jennifer Golio 5-5 Jr.

G Kat Gomez 5-2 Sr.

C Colette Lynch 5-8 Sr.

F Krystal Korason 5-8 Jr.

F Jessica Patowich 5-7 Sr.

Outlook: Tomasulo’s goal is to rebound and make the playoffs this season, and with all five starters returning, it’s not out of the cards. Korason has been the team’s leading scorer the past two seasons, and her continued growth is key to the Hawks’ success.


Coach: Dennis Trottier

Last season: 7-5

Key players:

G Rebecca Katz 5-5 So.

G Tyler Owens 5-4 So.

F Rachel Rosen 5-8 Jr.

G/F Rebecca Rosen 5-6 So.

G/F Phylicia Waskover 5-6 Sr.

Outlook: The Vikings run an up-tempo offense focused on movement and rotating, which should keep opposing defenses on their toes. Couple that with their aggressive defense, and the Vikings are going to be a tough play.


Coach: Malyssa Thorngren

Last season: 6-7

Key players:

F Nicole Carter 5-9 Jr.

G Bella Gandasegui 5-3 Jr.

G Tamieka Jackson 5-4 Sr.

G Raven Pitt 5-3 So.

F/C Jalyn Weakly 5-10 Sr.

Outlook: Only three Eagles have significant playing time at the varsity level, but the strong guard play should help mask some of the inexperience. Thorngren’s goal is to finish top four in the conference and make the playoffs.




Coach: Pete Magnuson

Last season: 4-8

Key players:

G Christine Argentieri 5-3 So.

G Dana Brown 5-3 Jr.

F Honora Campbell 5-10 So.

F Katie Healy 5-10 So.

F Kim Pike 5-10 Sr.

Outlook: The Colts shoot and rebound well, and their well-balanced roster allows for both aggressive offense and aggressive defense. This is Magnuson’s first full year as coach, and he’s looking to help take the Colts to the next level.


Coach: Tom Umstatter

Last season: 4-6

Key players:

G Dalaisja Chun 5-6 Jr.

F Lily Kimmel 5-7 Sr.

C Madison Solomon 5-10 Jr.

G Chrstine Vissichelli 5-7 Sr.

F Jessica Vissichelli 5-10 Jr.

Outlook: Umstatter called last year his rebuilding year, so the hope is that the Rebels can bounce back. Kimmel and Jessica Vissichelli are strong rebounders, and the guard play is also very good.


Coach: Jon Lavas

Last season: 6-7

Key players:

F Jacklyn Amodeo 6-0 Jr.

G Mariella Facibine 5-6 Jr.

G/F Chase McGahan 5-11 Jr.

G Valentina Morakis 5-10 So.

F Alannah O’Shea 5-11 Jr.

Outlook: Few teams will be able to match Herricks’ height in the starting five. The Highlanders have very good depth, but with no seniors in the starting lineup and a very young team overall, Herricks could experience growing pains.


Coach: Kristin Ciccone

Last season: 5-7

Key players:

G Taylor Haines 5-4 So.

G/F Colleen Mannle 5-5 So.

F Siobhan Rafferty 5-9 Jr.

F Kaitlin Rivera 5-7 Sr.

G Paige Rogoff 5-3 Sr.

Outlook: The Marines play very good defense in the half court, but offense could become a problem after losing Kadaja Bailey to St. Mary’s. Still, the strength of the defense could propel Long Beach to an improvement over last season.


Coach: Dave Radtke

Last season: 5-7

Key players:

G/F Kasey Bray 5-7 Sr.

G Caitlyn Buckely 5-5 Sr.

F Brianna Impastato 5-7 Sr.

G Angeline Klein 5-6 Jr.

G Lauren Kustek 5-5 Sr.

Outlook: The senior-laden Generals return nine players from last year’s team, and Radtke plans on implementing a new up-tempo offensive system into the mix. This will allow Klein, Bray and others to create easy opportunities for themselves and teammates.


Coach: Jim Mulvey

Last season: 10-2

Key players:

G Julia Anderson 5-7 So.

G MaryAnn Bagonis 5-5 So.

F Kara Castaldo 5-5 So.

G Taylor O’Brien 5-5 Sr.

F Maeve Testa 5-7 Jr.

Outlook: Mepham graduated three seniors, leaving this year’s leadership role wide open. Still, the Pirates lost to Baldwin in the semifinals last season, and the overall outlook is bright. A young group of starters will have to learn on the fly.


Coach: Dwight Gibson

Last season: 0-12

Key players:

F Karen Aguilar 5-4 So.

G Diesui Armand 5-4 Fr.

F Nedeva Coq 5-5 So.

G Jinina Jean 5-3 Fr.

G Jade Teleford 5-4 Fr.

Outlook: Starting three freshman is risky, but the Green Dragons have faith in Armand, Jean and Teleford. Westbury plays at a fast pace, and their trapping defense should turn steals into easy points.


Coach: Rudy D’Amico

Last season: 1-9

Key players:

G Nicolina Gorchia 5-5 Jr.

F Rachel Katz 5-7 So.

C Lauren Miksits 6-0 Jr.

G Hannah Serry 5-4 Sr.

F Cora Travogline 5-9 Sr.

Outlook: Bellmore JFK creates turnovers which leads to fast-break points, and the goal is to use this defensive style to win four or five conference games this season, according to D’Amico.


Information not reported to Newsday.


Coach: Tom Magno

Last season: 12-0

Key players:

G/F Gigi Faison 5-7 Fr.

G Zarria Franklin 5-3 So.

F Kem Nwabudu 5-11 So.

F Ashonte Rhodes 5-7 Sr.

G Zhaneia Thybulle 5-5 So.

Outlook: Elmont won AA-III last season, and now a move to A-I should bring new challenges. Thybulle and Nwabudu are young but made major contributions to last year’s team. Repeating 12-0 will be tough, but Elmont will be competitive.


Coach: Tim O’Hagan

Last season: 9-1

Key players:

G Michaela Bruno 5-5 Sr.

G Kerry Defliese 5-7 Sr.

G Shannon Kelly 5-8 Sr.

G Kerry McCarraher 5-7 Sr.

G Elisabeth McGannon 5-7 Sr.

Outlook: Garden City starts five senior guards, which emphasizes the type of basketball the Trojans play. They are fast, decisive and experienced. Bruno runs the show at the point, and McCarraher is a top shooter.


Coach: Erik Connolly

Last season: 0-12

Key players:

C Ashley Epstein 6-1 Jr.

G/F Joyce Gallo 5-6 Sr.

G Lauren Kerendian 5-5 Sr.

F Caroline O’Byrne 5-8 Jr.

G Ariella Yahoudidee 5-3 So.

Outlook: The Blazers run a slow, organized scheme which focuses on getting open looks and not forcing things. There’s no one leader on the team, according to Connolly, and the players have taken it upon themselves to be a balanced roster.


Coach: Andrew Schneider

Last season: 1-9

Key players:

F Marlee Lehrhoff 5-7 Jr.

C Lucy Peters 6-0 Fr.

G Tathiana Pierre 5-2 Fr.

G Haley Rothman 5-5 Sr.

G Rebecca Silverman 5-4 So.

Outlook: A roster with four freshmen, four juniors and three sophomores might find it difficult to compete in A-I, but Schneider’s up-tempo scheme forces mistakes and leads to easy buckets. Rothman, the only senior, will provide veteran knowledge to the young group.


Coach: Lauren Sadeh

Last season: 10-1

Key players:

G Erin Barry 5-3 Sr.

G Lauren Merola 5-6 Sr.

F Chloe Murphy 5-11 Sr.

G Leah Ritterband 5-5 Jr.

F Alexia Terenzi 5-8 Sr.

Outlook: Manhasset won 14 of 15 games to end last season as co-league champions with South Side. Barry is the floor general who makes everything happen. Murphy is a force in the low post. Ritterband can shoot if left open.


Coach: Alex Soupios

Last season: 6-4

Key players:

G Amanda Commisso 5-7 Sr.

G Cherish Francis 5-4 So.

F Casey Hayes 5-11 Sr.

G Destiny Hurt 5-8 Jr.

F Kate Weinschreider 5-8 Jr.

Outlook: Hayes, a two-time All-County selection, anchors the frontcourt of a young, exciting team. A strong group of freshman currently learning on the bench — Flo Hunte, Carly Bolivar, Ashley Cattle and Brianna Lee — will become difference makers in the future.




Coach: Steve Kissane

Last season: 8-2

Key players:

F Erica Bleimeyer 5-9 Sr.

F Jessica Fressle 6-0 Sr.

G Madison Gillies 5-7 Fr.

G Erin McCauley 5-6 Jr.

C Nora Tracey 6-0 So.

Outlook: Kissane expects to be in the hunt for the conference title thanks to an up-tempo system that emphasizes stretching the floor and running. With a solid mix of youth and experience, Division figures to be a factor again.


Information not reported to Newsday.


Coach: Ron Pickett

Last season: 4-6

Key players:

G Hannah Arkin 5-2 Jr.

G Sabrina Balducci 5-2 Sr.

C Victoria Bialczak 5-10 Jr.

F Alex Bongiorno 5-10 Sr.

F Morgan Bryant 5-9 So.

Outlook: The Gladiators are in a possible transition year after graduating 10 seniors. But they have the possibility of a formidable starting lineup thanks to the “Killer B’s,” Balducci, Bialczak, Bongiorno and Bryant.


Coach: Lauren Tartamella

Last season: 4-7

Key players:

G Alexandra Dichiara 5-6 Jr.

G Erika Marigliano 5-2 Sr.

G Kelsey Marigliano 5-6 Sr.

F Katie McSweeney 5-10 So.

G/F Juliana Keenan 5-6 So.

Outlook: This an experienced, talented roster that looks to play defense before offense. Kelsey Marigliano and McSweeney will be keys to the season. Freshmen Ahsley Lindsay and Lauren Krystall are future stars.


Coach: Don Crummell

Last season: 6-4

Key players:

G Amia Davenport 5-6 Sr.

F/C Kamisha Haynes 5-10 Sr.

G Lauren London 5-7 Jr.

G Iyanna Mitchell 5-7 Jr.

G Jade Reid 5-8 Sr.

Outlook: Reid, Davenport and Mitchell figure to lead a Roosevelt team flying a bit under the radar this season. With an up-tempo style and experienced players in the front and backcourt, Roosevelt will be a tough test for opposing teams.


Information not reported to Newsday.


Coach: Dan Ferrick

Last season: 8-3

Key players:

G Brianna Bigelow 5-7 Sr.

F Maria Karanasos 5-10 Sr.

G Jenna Lopez 5-7 So.

F Laura McNally 5-11 Sr.

G Jourdin Thomas 5-6 Jr.

Outlook: Thomas is a first-year transfer from Long Island Lutheran who will add a dynamic presence to the backcourt. The Cyclones play tough defense, which they hope to ride to a county championship.


Coach: Stan Bujacich

Last season: 9-1

Key players:

G Caitlin Albanese 5-4 Fr.

F Emily Fuchs 5-8 Jr.

G Cheyenne Johnson 5-4 So.

G Nikki Sliwak 5-5 Sr.

F Darcie Smith 5-10 Sr.

Outlook: A guard-oriented team with dynamic rebounding from Smith and Fuchs, Wantagh has balance. Smith and Sliwak were All-Class last season. Bujacich’s goal is to challenge for the conference and county titles.




Coach: Joseph Inghilterra

Last season: 1-8

Key players:

G Bridgett Cullinane 5-5 Sr.

F Brianna Fehrenbach 5-7 Sr.

G Tara Gallagher 5-3 Sr.

G Danielle Olive 5-3 Sr.

F Lauren Oury 5-7 Sr.

Outlook: The starting five features Bethpage’s only returning seniors, and they all have significant playing experience. Junior Camryn Roeller has been nursing a foot injury, according to Inghilterra, and she is expected to make an impact when healthy.


Coach: Michael Spina

Last season: 8-3

Key players:

C Faith Balletta 5-9 Jr.

F Aideen Gil 5-8 Jr.

G Marykate Guerriero 5-2 So.

F Natalie Hickman 5-11 Jr.

G Kaela Hilaire 5-3 Sr.

Outlook: The Knights are a well-balanced team, but the unquestioned star is Hilaire, who is approaching 2,000 career points. This is an experienced squad that should enjoy a deep run in the playoffs.


Coach: Greg Mayerhofer

Last season: 8-2

Key players:

F Grace Brady 6-3 Jr.

F Amanda Heavey 5-9 Sr.

G Trinity Hudson 5-8 Fr.

G Tristyn Hudson 5-8 Jr.

G Amara Phillip 5-7 Jr.

Outlook: Glen Cove has great size in its starting lineup, highlighted by Brady, who will be a force in Class A thanks to her rebounding and post moves. Last season was historically good (first conference title in school history), so it’ll be interesting to see what’s next.


Information not reported to Newsday.


Coach: Stephen LoCicero

Last season: 8-2

Key players:

G Kasey Curran 5-7 Sr.

G/F Amanda Digiorgio 5-9 Sr.

G Emily Kluth 5-8 Jr.

G Sophia LoCicero 5-10 So.

F/C Kerrin Montgomery 6-0 Jr.

Outlook: LoCicero and Montgomery are scoring machines on an offense that looks to keep possessions in the 10-second range. With athleticism, speed and a balanced offense, the Owls could improve on last year.


Coach: Keith Freund

Last season: 11-0

Key players:

G Kelly Johansen 5-7 Sr.

G Jessica Scuderi 5-6 Jr.

G Ashleigh Sheerin 5-9 Jr.

C Giulianna Telvi 6-2 Sr.

G Gabrielle Zaffiro 5-9 So.

Outlook: Perhaps the strongest team in A-III because of overall depth. Johansen, Sheerin, Telvi and Zaffiro are stars, and Scuderi was a sub last year poised for a bigger role. With 11 returning players, North Shore could repeat as Long Island champions.


Coach: Geoff O’Connell

Last season: 3-7

Key players:

F Antonia Buon 5-8 Sr.

F/C Sam Elbert 6-0 Jr.

G Kelly Kroez 5-6 Jr.

F Lisa LoSchiavo 5-8 Jr.

G Leeza Theordore 5-6 Sr.

Outlook: O’Connell’s philosophy is that tough-nosed defense will create offense, and his goal is to rotate well enough defensively that opponents don’t get easy looks. The Spartans are hoping to improve upon last year’s fourth-place finish in the conference.


Information not reported to Newsday.




Coach: Shaun Fean

Last season: 5-7

Key players:

F Emily Carman 5-9 Fr.

F Kayla Familette 5-9 So.

G Sonia Iacoboni 5-6 So.

G Nicole Zappala 5-5 So.

G Hannah Zirkel 5-7 Sr.

Outlook: Carman, Familette and Iacoboni are first-year varsity players in starting roles, so there may be some bumps in the road this season. Still, the Rams shoot well from the outside and have Zirkel, who committed to Western New England College for next season.


Coach: Navro Allen

Last season: 2-10

Key players:

G Laura Leogrande 5-8 Jr.

F Lindsay O’Sullivan 6-2 Sr.

F Ellie Shibley 6-0 Sr.

G Syd Themeois 5-6 Jr.

G Ryan Weight 5-11 Jr.

Outlook: Allen says the team chemistry is already better this season than it was last, which should help the Quakers find more success. O’Sullivan is a returning All-County player who is a force in the post.


Coach: Bob Kaible

Last season: 12-0

Key players:

G Brianna Fitzgerald 5-7 8th grade

F/C Kaeley Johnston 5-9 Jr.

F Cathryn Kramer 6-0 Fr.

G Julia Minafo 5-6 Fr.

G Catherine Zamroz 5-9 Jr.

Outlook: An overall young team that Kaible expects to get better with each game. The offense is tough to hang with because of the constant ball and player movement. Johnston and Zamroz are co-captains and must help this young group succeed.


Coach: Michael Guidone

Last season: 7-5

Key players:

F Nicole Luengas 5-9 Sr.

F Emily Moran 5-10 So.

G Paige O’Brien 5-5 8th grade

G Julia Sabatino 5-6 8th grade

G Julie Spence 5-5 So.

Outlook: The Falcons graduated nine seniors and over 85 percent of their points last season, according to Guidone. The future is bright for this team, especially with O’Brien and Sabatino, but the two will have to learn on the fly in their first years on varsity.


Coach: Dan Bailey

Last season: 1-11

Key players:

G Mallory Donelan 5-4 Sr.

G Velencia Herd 5-3 Sr.

C Megan McCaffrey 5-11 Fr.

F Liz Ryan 5-11 Jr.

F Victoria Venus 5-9 Fr.

Outlook: Bailey inherits a young team in his first season as coach. Venus and McCaffrey are expected to lead the Mustangs this season, and Bailey is counting on Angelina Morelli to make significant contributions off the bench.


Coach: Bob Vachris

Last season: 9-3

Key players:

C Jaclyn Grzelaczyk 6-0 So.

F Madison O’Hagan 5-10 So.

G Ally Palermo 5-1 Jr.

F Jenna Siler 5-10 So.

G Julia Siler 5-6 So.

Outlook: With a young starting five with just one player older than a sophomore (Palermo), the Vikings have a promising future. Still, all five starters have at least two years of varsity experience, so they’re poised to both compete now and improve later.


Coach: Chris Van Kovics

Last season: 6-6

Key players:

F/C Janya Flash 5-11 Fr.

G Kayla Glicker 5-5 Sr.

G Lisette Palomo 5-3 Jr.

F Savahanaa Salsone 5-8 So.

G Kelly Valerio 5-3 Jr.

Outlook: The Rams made the playoffs for the third year in a row last year but were bounced by North Shore in the first round. Flash and Salsone and first-year varsity players, but they will play important roles. Palomo, a three-year player, is the veteran of the starting group.




Coach: Michael Bello

Last season: 8-2

Key players:

G Kacey Burden 5-9 Sr.

G Leah Burden 5-4 Fr.

G Alexa Frein 5-4 So.

F Brianna McKeough 5-10 Jr.

F Abigail Selhorn 5-11 Fr.

Outlook: The reigning Long Island Class B champions are very young, with three freshmen and one sophomore on the roster. But these youngsters are athletic, versatile and aggressive. Kacey Burden, All-State and All-County last season, needs to help the new faces mesh.


Coach: Rory Malone

Last season: 9-1

Key players:

G Katie Hudson 5-3 Sr.

C Caroline Kiernan 5-11 Sr.

F Niki Mormile 5-6 Fr.

F Lauren Spinnato 5-6 Sr.

G Sophia Taglich 5-7 Fr.

Outlook: Kiernan is poised to deliver a huge year for the Seahawks. She’s a big-time post player in terms of scoring, rebounding and blocking, and Hudson and Taglich know how to feed her the ball inside. The goal in Cold Spring Harbor is a league championship.


Coach: Karin Leary

Last season: 3-7

Key players:

G Erica Acampora 5-5 Sr.

C Alessia Drevnyak 6-1 Jr.

G Jessica Loyer 5-3 Jr.

F Emma Nicoletti 5-10 Sr.

G Caitlin O’Mara 5-7 Sr.

Outlook: This is an athletic team led by four-year varsity players Acampora, Nicoletti and O’Mara. Drevnyak is a key given her size in the paint, and if she can get good looks at the basket, the Rocks will be in good shape to compete in every game.


Information not reported to Newsday.


Coach: Sandy Rossen

Last season: 7-3

Key players:

G Gianna Gotti 5-4 So.

F Desiree Gaeckler 5-11 Sr.

G Faith Smith 5-3 Sr.

G Christina Testa 5-3 Sr.

G Lindsey Tiberia 5-5 So.

Outlook: Gotti is one of the top players on Long Island and is the leader on a team expected to score 60 points per game. Gaeckler, a transfer from Our Lady of Mercy, is a big-time rebounder and post player who will provide a nice complement to Gotti.


Coach: Ashley Rogala

Last season: 1-8

Key players:

F Julia Braito 5-6 Fr.

G Allison LaMonica 5-3 Jr.

C Ariana Turkalj 5-11 Sr.

F Micki Wain 5-4 Jr.

G Hannah Woodward 5-6 Sr.

Outlook: LaMonica leads the offense with her court vision, and Woodward leads with her shooting from outside. Wain, the team’s top defender, should begin several transition scoring opportunities. Freshmen Sami Rothstein, Cecilia Jozef and Braitio are expected to contribute as well.




Coach: Rich Slater

Last season: 22-4 (overall)

Key players:

F Sarah Mortensen 6-1 Sr.

F/C Jenna Siletti 6-2 Sr.

G Grace Stone 5-10 So.

G Celese Taylor 5-10 Fr.

G Alyssa Torres 5-8 Sr.

Outlook: Federation champions last year, the Crusaders are a juggernaut with college-ready talent. Torres, a transfer from Connetquot, and Mortenson, a transfer from Denmark, are key additions to an already strong team.




Coach: Jon Scalsaro

Last season: 3-11

Key players:

F Meeghan Clearly 5-11 Sr.

C Janae Grant 6-0 So.

F Brooke Snyder 5-10 So.

G Natalie Starks 5-9 Fr.

G Hailey Stuart 5-4 Jr.

Outlook: The three keys to this year’s team are Clearly, Snyder and Stuart, who are last year’s leading scorer, rebounder and passer, respectively. Starks and Grant should contribute at a high level and help improve on last year’s mark.


Coach: Matthew Kirk

Last season: 11-4

Key players:

F Jessica Brower 5-8 Jr.

G Kate Calabro 5-7 Sr.

G Meghan Connolly 5-6 Sr.

G Victoria Sapriacone 5-4 Sr.

C Morgan Staab 5-11 Jr.

Outlook: Staab was an All-League player last season in her first year on varsity, and the sky is the limit in terms of her potential. Staab and Calabro are the only returning starters from last year’s NSCHSGA Class A Catholic League champion team.


Coach: Matt Musumeci

Last season: 6-9

Key players:

F Chasity Byrd 5-9 Sr.

F Julia Ewen 5-9 Jr.

G Kassi Jata 5-8 Sr.

G Elizabeth Stiles 5-6 Sr.

F/C Kelly Wildes 5-10 Sr.

Outlook: Musumeci’s goals this season include concentrating on fundamental aspects of the game like free throws and layups to improve game-by-game performance. A team with several athletes, Our Lady of Mercy could creep close to a .500 record.


Coach: Dennis O’Brien

Last season: 0-13

Key players:

F Kelly Marsigliano 5-10 Sr.

G Erin Pasquale 5-8 Sr.

G Hannah Peck 5-8 Jr.

G Emily Sandford 5-6 Sr.

F Caroline Turansky 5-10 Sr.

Outlook: An aggressive, up-tempo offense should help the Spartans compete for four quarters this year. They played well in spurts in the past, but were never able to play a complete game. That should happen more often this season with four seniors – Marsigliano, Pasquale, Sandford and Turansky – calling the shots.


Coach: Michel Cucci-O’Brien

Last season: 6-10

Key players:

F Skye Burris 6-2 Sr.

F Amanda Kelly 6-0 Sr.

G Nicole McCann 5-6 Sr.

F Mairead Ryan 5-10 Sr.

G Olivia Volberg 5-8 Sr.

Outlook: Starting point guard Melina Randazzo tore her ACL on Nov. 28 and will miss the rest of the season, according to Cucci-O’Brien, but the Bayhawks are in good shape to mask the loss. With five starting seniors at least 5-6 or taller, this team’s size will be difficult to compete with.


Coach: Kevin White

Last season: 12-1

Key players:

G Kadajah Bailey 5-10 So.

F Megan Cain 5-2 Sr.

G Tamia Cutignola 5-4 Sr.

G Jahnia Marimon 5-4 Jr.

G Lily Rakitsis 5-6 So.

Outlook: This is a young team with transfers from Long Beach (Bailey) and Mcclancy (Rakitsis). If all the pieces fit early, then this team could be just as formidable as last year. Bailey is one of the top players on Long Island.

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