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All-Long Island photo shoot... stuff

2011 All-Long Island girls lacrosse team

2011 All-Long Island girls lacrosse team Photo Credit: Thomas A. Ferrara

Setting: the Newsday parking lot. It was June 6 – a couple days after the Long Island Championships and a couple days before the state tournament. It was hot. The photo shoot had been scheduled to start at 2 p.m. and some players arrived 15-20 minutes early. For the girls lacrosse group, though, there was a holdup. A player (who won’t be named) had a long drive, got lost and didn’t get there until 2:45.

So in that hour or so of downtime, there was breeze shooting, shenanigans, stories of basketball fisticuffs (we’ll leave out the names and details), and, of course H$.

(For anyone wondering: Kerrin Maurer was missing from the group picture because the St. Anthony's prom was the day of the photo shoot and she opted to get her dress up-and-dance on. She was honored at last Monday's All-LI dinner, though.)

But first we’ll start off with this gem of a sound bite following the Class B Long Island Championship game, brought to you by Garden City goalie Megan McDonald. McDonald, a backup, didn’t play in the game but served perhaps a more vital role.

“I didn’t save the world today, but I saved our team’s hydration,” McDonald said. “The most important player on any team is the water girl. It was kind of humid and I was the first person out there with those water bottles. You should've seen me, I was running hard. Without me, they would’ve collapsed from dehydration. And, obviously, we wouldn't have won if that happened.”

At the All-LI photo shoot, Kelly Weis supported McDonald’s assertion. “It was very important,” said Weis, who has been McDonald’s goalie mentor/sensei for two years and fellow manager for the field hockey team. “Meg’s the best. Without her that day, I would’ve been dehydrated and I would’ve passed out in the goal.”

Dehydration: bad. Random Megan McDonald quotes: good.

Here’s a brief segment of the H$ Show that was recorded. (“H$” is the self-given sobriquet of Manhasset star Halle Majorana. There is some dispute, however, that her nickname is really “GPS.”) It kicked off with a bang. Actually, more like the sound of a loud clap. That was Barbara Sullivan’s palm going across Majorana’s cheek.

Sullivan’s explanation: “She goes, ‘Someone do something to wake me up.’ What do you do to wake someone up? [Me? I prefer to shake them.] You shake them or slap them.”
Majorana then punched Sullivan in the shoulder, birthday punch style. And later, while sitting with Sullivan standing, grabbed her hand and dragged her to the ground. (Not condoning violence, especially among teens, but Majorana evened the score there. Good use of leverage.)

The Majorana/Kelly McPartland/Sullivan exchange…

Majorana on McPartland: “She’s my future Terp teammate. We love each other. We’re the best of friends. Kel, don’t you agree? (McPartland: “No comment.”) She’s just saying that. We’re really good friends.”

Should you two become roommates in college… “She says she’s going to keep me in a human cage,” Majorana said, “but that’s not happening. I’m going to be living with her for three years.”

Why would McPartland want to put Majorana in a cage? “I think you know the answer,” McPartland said. “Because she’s psychotic.” Majorana: “Because I’m prettier, smarter and funnier so they want to lock me up.”

Can comments like that put a strain on a friendship? “No,” Majorana said. “We’re going to always be best friends. Just like me and Barbara.”

Who is the better best friend? “Oh, definitely Kelly.”

Sullivan: “Is this the power of negative reinforcement she’s been talking about? Halle is a psychologist now.”

Majorana: “If I keep saying, ‘Hi, Barbara’ and saying all these nice things about her and she doesn’t say anything back, eventually I’m just gonna stop saying nice things about her.”

And there you have it. What "it" is, who knows. But it's something, and they always make it interesting.


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