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Garden City wins sixth straight 'B' state title

FINAL 12-6 Garen City The Trojans (21-0) win their sixth straight state championship and have won 48 straight games, the fourth longest streak in state history for girls lacrosse.

2nd Half:

Weis makes her fifth save of the half as the game has taken on a totally different ace in the last five minutes.

12-6 Garden City 3:09: Catherine McTiernan gets her first with an assist to Tarzian.

Weis makes her third save of the half and Tullio respnds with a pair of saves. Weis stuffs a shot by Bowen. Tullio makes another save.

11-6 Garden City 6:06: Rix gets a hat trick from the free position.

10-6 Garden City 7:14: Grace Hilling scores with an assist from Emily Eichner. The Barons are not going to go down easy in this one.

10-5 Garden City 7:32: Jenna Fuchs gets her first of the game with an assist from Sullivan.

Tullio mkes her fourth save of the half as she stops a Sullivan shot with her right leg.

9-5 Garden City 10:03: Hannah Calvelli shoots one over the head of Weis for her first of the game. Bowen gets an assist.

Brighton called its second timeout.

9-4 Garden City 13:03: Rix scores her second and that may be the cooler.

Tullio stops a free position by Tarzian for her seventh save of the game.

8-4 Garden City 16:16: Dickinson gets a hat trick

7-4 Garden City 17:03: Bowen scores her second as she runs past the Garden City defense. Chappy calls a timeout as the Barons have got the momentum and a once quiet bench has got some fire.

Weis makes a nice save on a free position by Vanatta. Brighton had a chance to cut the gap down to three and with the man advantage.

Bruno gets a yellow card at 18:49 for what appears to be for a dangerous shot. Bruno not very happy as she come off.

7-3 Garden City 21:18: Megan Ark outruns Rix and the entire Trojans back line as she runs from midfield, past the goal, wraps around and fires one in.

7-2 Garden City 21:44: Rix scores her first on a free position.

6-2 Garden City 22:51: Meaghan Bowen circumnavigates the Garden City defense and gets free right in front of Weis, bouncing in a shot inside teh right post.

6-1 Garden City 23:29: Catherine Dickinson scores her second on a pass from Tarzian.

Brighton's coach gets a yellow card at 23:37.

Rix makes a run at the goal and fires a shot wide, bareling over a defender in the process. She gets awards a free position and bounces her shot over the top of the net.

Brighton had momentum when Vanatta scored but two late Trojans goals sucked all the wind out of the sails fo the Barons. Nevertheless the Barons have a lot to be happy about in the first half, containing the Trojans offense and challenging Weis to make tough saves.

The Trojans do look a half step slow on offense, in part because Brighton's zone defense has done a very nice job of containing attacks. Not to be an apologist but the turf may be playing slow due to the rain from last night.

HALFTIME: 5-1 Garden City

First half Scoring:
GC - Tarzian 2 goals, Bruno 1 goal, Dickinson 1 goal, Sullivan 1 goal, Rix 1 assist
B - Vanatta 1 goal
GC Weis 5 saves
B Tullio 4 saves

1st Half:

5-1 Garden City 8.9: Barbara Sullivan bounces one in with an assist from Rix.

4-1 Garden City 1:20: Tarzian scores on a free position to get the lead back to three.

Weis knocks a shot down for her fifth save of the day.

3-1 Garden City 2:28: Kelzi Vanatta makes a nice move and fires a shot past Weis to the high left corner. Weis was screaming for her defense to 'watch the middle' and that's exactly where Vanatta went before taking her shot.

Weis makes another very nice save as Brighton made a great drive in transition. Less than four minutes to go in the half and the Barons may be able to claim victory going into the break within shouting distance of the Trojans with several good scoring chances.

Weis with her second save and the Trojans will try to kill off the card. So far teh Trojans are about a half-step off on offense.

Alex Bruno picks up a yellow at 7:07.

Tullio makes a nice save on a shot by Rix and then Rix nearly knocks a ground ball in.

3-0 Garden City 8:28: Catherine Dickinson picks up a rebound after Tullio makes a save on a shot by Bruno.

The Trojans defense neutralizes a Brighton scoring threat. Garden City back in possession on the offensive end.

2-0 Garden City 13:56: Alexandra Bruno bounces one through the legs of Brighton goalie Sarah Tullio.Brighton calls its first timeout.

Kelly Weis makes a point-blank save at 16:03, her first of the day.

Rix shoots wide on a free position.

Mikaela Rix rips a shot high and wide to the right at 19:19. The Trojans are controlling the pace, shocking I know, but teh Brighton defense is putting up a nice challenge so far.

1-0 Garden City 22:44: Caroline Tarzian scores the first goal of the game.

Standard starters for the Trojans


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