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Islip's Kylie and Taryn Ohlmiller hope to make postseason

Look at the leading scorers in Long Island girls lacrosse and you'll see the name "Ohlmiller."

You'll see it twice, to be exact.

Islip senior Kylie Ohlmiller leads the Island with 79 points and her younger sister Taryn is third with 70.

The two sisters are dominating and enjoying every second of it. "Playing with my sister is so different from playing with any other teammate," said Kylie, who has 52 goals and 27 assists. "We're best friends."

"We basically spend every moment together," said Taryn, a sophomore who has 51 goals and 21 assists. "If we're not together in person, we're texting or sending each other pictures."

The Ohlmiller's bond extends to the lacrosse field, and Kylie, Taryn and Islip coach Masina Longo use the same word to describe the sisters' in-game connection: telepathy.

"They sense each other on the field," Longo said. "It's like they don't even have to see each other." Said Kylie of her sister, "I know where she is at all times. I know when and where's she's going to cut and when to feed her."

Taryn says this has always been the case. "Our first game together, we just clicked," she says of their first time playing together on varsity in 2012.

That game was even more special since the sisters had to wait an extra season to share the field for Islip. Kylie made varsity as an eighth grader but was injured for Taryn's debut campaign the following year.

"I sat out the year and watched her tear it up," Kylie said. Since then, the Ohlmillers have both torn it up, combining to score 320 goals.

One of the only things they have not both done is make the playoffs. Islip qualified when Kylie was in eighth grade, but she says making the postseason would be even better with her sister there.

"It would be insane," Kylie said. "My sister and I's personal goal is to be able to play in the playoffs."

Islip is 7-3 in Division II and is currently the seven seed in Class B. It would be one more shared experience for the sisters who do everything together.

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