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Leftovers: Farmingdale vs. Massapequa

Stuff said that didn’t make the paper following Farmingdale’s 14-9 win over Massapequa on Wednesday.

Of note: It was Senior Day at Massapequa and they held a nice pre-game ceremony that included the seniors being called up one-by-one, presented a box by teammates (sources tell me each had gifts from Build-A-Bear) and met at midfield by their parents. Props to the Chiefs for that, and kudos to the seniors. Clap for 'em.

Kelly McPartland scored four goals to lead Farmingdale. Her fourth made it 13-8 with 2:00 left.

On her performance: "It was good. I had a little bit of a rough start. I was frustrated in the beginning, but I guess I pulled it together."

The game being back and forth: "We weren’t really playing as well as we could early on, but we played our regular offense and tight defense at the end."

During timeout with 15:07 left, after Massapequa had taken an 8-7 lead: “[Coach Shari Campbell] basically told us to keep our heads and not worry about the refs.” (Some questionable calls had gone against the Dalers and the players were showing frustration.) “She told us to stay under control and watch our checks, and basically don’t make any stupid plays.”

Momentum for playoffs: “It gives us a lot, because this is probably the team we’d see in the county finals, most likely.”

Opposing players have marveled at McPartland’s speed and I’ve noticed it, so it begged the random toss-in question. “Yeah, I guess,” McPartland said. “I don’t really have a lot of moves, so I guess my speed is my move.”

(I’ll have to come up with some kind of corny speed nickname for her during the playoffs. Ohhh, and it will be corny.)

Jamie Leone (pronounced Lee-own-ee) had the assist on Colleen Reynold’s go-ahead goal and scored with 2:12 left to make it 12-8 during the Dalers’ late barrage.

On the win: “It’s good. Just like Kelly said, we’ll probably be seeing them in the Nassau championship.”

Leone received a yellow card with 46 seconds left in the first half and the Dalers up 5-4. She was about 10 feet to the right of the goal, fired, and the whistle blew.

Leone’s take: “Kim Kolodny got me a pass, I was wide open, and as I shot it, a girl ran in front of me and got hit by the ball.” (We’ll say Farmingdale wasn’t appreciative of that call, which is part of what went into Campbell telling them not to focus on the refs.)

Farmingdale dominated the matchup last year, so what’s the adjustment like being in a close game with Massapequa: “It was frustrating. We weren’t really playing to our potential in the first half. But we got it going at the end and we’ll see how it goes in counties.”


Colleen Reynolds, the girl with the red hair, who scored the go-ahead goal with 11:23 remaining.

Reynolds: “Is that (the red hair) going on record?”

Me: “Yes.”

On the key goal: “It felt good. I know Jamie always makes that move, so I got ready, and when she passed it to me, I just caught it and shot as hard as I could.”

The win: “It’s really big. It was our toughest game, at least in our conference, and we always end up seeing them in the finals.”

On goalie Alex Gurecki: “She’s a great goalie. She’s really our rock on defense. She’s clutch and she keeps it together for us.”

Alex Gurecki, who made 11 saves, including a spectacular lunging stop with 6:34 left when a Chief curled from around the right corner and shot at point-blank. The Dalers were holding a 9-8 lead at the time.

Your performance: “I’d say I was off to a rough start, because the score kept going back and forth. We got better as we went along. Everyone wanted to beat Massapequa. The defense started playing better and helped me get those saves at the end to make sure the score stayed down.”

On point-blank shots: “It’s just reaction. I keep my eye on the ball and just make sure it doesn’t get past me at all.”

Rivalry with Massapequa: “It’s a big rivalry. Every game that we get against them, Farmingdale wants to crush them.”

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