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Leftovers: Garden City vs. St. Anthony's Edition

This is something I started last year on the softball blog and carried it over to field hockey and now lacrosse. Leftovers is pretty much what it sounds like: stuff left over. Usually after games I do several interviews (quite often, more than I need) and sometimes they run long (quite often, longer than they need to), and not all of it makes the paper. Actually, most of it doesn’t. I’m sure at some point someone has wondered, “I talked to him for like three minutes and I’m only quoted in one sentence in the paper.” Word counts, space restrictions and the flow of the article often limit what gets included. But, here on the blog, there’s none of that. So the leftovers are things said by players and coaches (and sometimes parents, scorekeepers, random observers) that weren’t used but haven’t been wasted.

These are the transcribed words of those involved following Garden City’s 11-10 double overtime win against St. Anthony’s on Saturday.

Trojans coach Diane Chapman
On the win: “It was a phenomenal game. Two incredibly skilled teams, but I thought my defense was amazing. Kelly and the rest of the defense stopped a very potent offense. They played the best game. They’ve been working on that and it came together. I told ‘em they’ve set a new standard for themselves.”

The meeting of the nationally-ranked powers: “When you have two strong teams within close distance - it’s a half hour bus ride - how can you not try and play if you have the games available on your schedule? You’ve got a team like them right in your backyard so it’s a no-brainer.”

Immediate thought when Catherine McTiernan scored the winner: “I thought, ‘Ooh, there’s a lot of time left.’ We still had 51 seconds, which is a lot of time, especially for a team with the speed they’ve got and the tenacity. There was way too much time left to feel comfortable.”

Friars coach Corinne Broesler
On the loss: “We knew this would be a tough game. They have a lot of players that are at the top level. They really executed and they played a great game, so credit goes to them… It’s gonna drive us to do better in our next game.”

On the game being relatively low-scoring and St. Anthony’s tough defense early on: “We have a mentality on defense where we’re on attack. Not sitting back and reacting, but dictating; we try to dictate when we’re on defense and I think that helps us.”

Mikaela Rix
On the win: “We started out a little slow in the beginning, but once we got it going, we were able to play good offense.”

How fulfilling is it to win a game of this magnitude? “It feels great. They’re an amazing team and it’s kind of a rivalry… The last time we played them was my sophomore year.”
That triggered this brief exchange --
Me: “That was the year you guys had four losses, right?”
Rix: “Thanks for reminding me.”
Me: “I like to bring up the negative.”
Rix: “Yeah, you do!”
(Hey, wherever there’s a person happy or someone reveling in an accomplishment, I’ll be there disrupt it. It’s my duty. Why, you ask? Because I am evil… I wasn‘t covering the sport in 2009, but Mariah Pewarski and Shannon DeFliese had said last year that the four regular-season losses the year before was a big motivator in them going undefeated in 2010. So my bringing it up was more of a, “Hmm, they beat St. Anthony’s in a year they lost a few games?” But it also momentarily brought some gloom. So that was unintentional, but still a 2-for-1. Because I am evil.)

OK, now back to our blogging, which was already in progress..

The post-up move... Rix scored three goals, the second of which gave Garden City a 7-6 lead with 10:07 left in regulation. She got position a few yards out to the corner of the net, and, after taking the pass, backed her defender down a bit and did a series of left-right fakes (a shimmy, basically) before spinning and firing it in. It was exactly like a post-up in basketball. In fact, with the number of fakes, it looked a little like Hakeem Olajuwon’s old Dream Shake. (YouTube it, young people.) So, I had to ask where she came up with it: “I don’t know. I just did it one day and it went in, so I kept doing it.” She also did it successfully in the Farmingdale game.

Kelly Weis (One “S”)
On the game being so close: “We didn’t play them last year, but we wanted to a lot. It just feels awesome to win. Going to overtime is always fun… We play some games where the ball doesn’t get into our end that often, so to have a game like this, where it’s back and forth, is exciting.”

On her save of a close-range, one-on-one shot with 2:19 left in the first overtime:  “It’s all reflex, really. I knew it was huge. Whoever scores the first goal or makes the first save usually controls the rest of the overtime.”


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