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Leftovers: Mount Sinai 'C' title game

Here are the quotes which didn't make it into the game story for Saturday's Class C state title game between Mount Sinai and CBA.

Mt. Sinai coach Courtney Leonard:

You said your goal wasn’t state, that you had realistic expectations and you didn’t expect to get this far. What does that say about your team that this happened?

I think they did a phenomenal job this year. They came in with a new coach, a new system and a lot of youth. For them to develop that quickly says a lot about the talent with this team.

In terms of coaching, is there anything you can build on from this?

I think you always learn. From every game you take something away and this is my ninth year coaching, just not here, and I think my 35th year coaching I’ll still be learning things and taking things and breaking apart. It’s great having a vocal assistant, I send it in through him and he does all my yelling.

Rachel contributed to more than half the scoring today but goes out on a disappointing note:

I think it’s great to go out, obviously she would have wanted the win. She’s part of the senior group that led a team of eighth, ninth and tenth graders and she had a great tournament. She’s going to go on to a great career at Denver. Finishing second in the state, I hope she keeps her head up and walks away with a smile.

What are you saying in the final timeout with 57 seconds left?

I wanted to let them know the different scenarios depending on whether we got the draw or not. I wanted them to understand that it was imperative that we got the draw and then what we wanted to do once we got the draw. We set it up and we had the ball setting up for the last shot and unfortunately we didn’t capitalize.

What are your thoughts on having two shots at it in the final 20 seconds?

When you have the opportunities it’s hard when you don’t capitalize. They were able to get we just didn’t finish it.

Mt. Sinai senior attack Shannon Burns:

How do you feel about the game?

We played really hard. We put everything on the field so there’s not really anything you can do.

To get this far and do something this program hasn’t done, what do you take away from this season?

It’s great that we made it this far. It’s an amazing experience – we’ve never even made it past counties before. Our team became really close, I’m proud of everyone, all the younger kids. They’re so good.

You’re so used to close games all year. Did it ever feel like it was your game?

It’s not over until the buzzer. We never lighten up when we play. I guess they just, couple of ground balls then outran us.

Mt. Sinai senior attack Rachel Dillon:

Tough way to end it but still overall a great season:

It was our best season yet. We came out this year, knew what we had to do and It’s going to be a long ride home but we still got six more hours together so we’re going to make the best of it.

You said you were a ref too so you understand how it goes sometimes:

It’s hard, I argue the calls sometimes but I understand it’s hard to make every call and they do the best they can. We may think they’re biased but they’re not, they try to make the best calls they can and I completely understand that.

The future of Mt. Sinai looks great:

I hope to come back from college and be able to be up here with them and watch them play.

What do you take away from a 4-goal performance in a state final?

I knew I wanted to come out here and win. It sucks coming out my senior year and losing but it happens, someone’s got to lose. Unfortunately it was us this year.

What went through your mind when they took the lead?

I was shocked to see it was a minute left. I was like ‘we’ve done this before, we can do it again.’ Unfortunately it didn’t happen. It was a spot I was attacking all day and then I got called on the charge. They knew I was attacking that spot.

It seemed they were going after you:

There were a lot of checks, I wish there was a little more calls but I understand they can’t call everything.

What do you think it was that made it different this time for you guys not to be able to hold on to a narrow lead?

I think it was one of the better games we’ve played all season. Unfortunately we fell short but we played as a team. We didn’t blame anybody. We wanted it but they wanted it more.

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