Garden City captures its fifth straight state title and its 11th overall.

Second half:

GARDEN CITY 20, Fox Lane 10 1:28

Caroline Tarzian scores on the empty net to put the Trojans back up by 10.

Garden City 19, FOX LANE 10 6:04

Sammy Jo Tracy scores to take the game out of running time.

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GARDEN CITY 19, Fox Lane 9: 8:38

Mikaela Rix puts this one in running time. GC has done everything but sweep the leg in this second half.

GARDEN CITY 18, Fox Lane 9: 8:59

Shannon Mangini scores from Mikaela Rix.

GARDEN CITY 17, Fox Lane 9. 9:52

Katie D'Antonio scores assisted by Barabra Sullivan.

GARDEN CITY 16, Fox Lane 9: 12:17

Caroline Tarzian from Barbara Sullivan.

GARDEN CITY 15, Fox Lane 9: 13:04

Mikaela Rix from Caroline Tarzian. Garden City is pulling away.

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GARDEN CITY 14, Fox Lane 9: 14:00

Shannon Mangini scores assist from Mikaela Rix.

Garden City 13, FOX LANE 9: 16:54

The Foxes alt a 5-0 GC run.

GARDEN CITY 13, Fox Lane 8 18:03

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Shannon Mangini from Katie D'Antonio. The Trojans are taking control.

GARDEN CITY 12, Fox Lane 8 19:22

Barbara Sullivan scores another one.

GARDEN CITY 11, Fox Lane 8 21:58

Mikaela Rix from Catherine Dickinson.

GARDEN CITY 10, Fox Lane 8 22:46

Caroline Tarzian scores another one.



GARDEN CITY 9, Fox Lane 8: 0:00

Caroline Tarzian beats the buzzer with a dazzling goal.

Fox Lane 8, GARDEN CITY 8: 1:25

Barbara Sullivan scores another one to even it up.

FOX LANE 8, Garden City 7: 3:21

Lauren Dichiara scores from Kailey O'Hagan to put the Foxes back up

Garden City 7, FOX LANE 7: 7:37

Lindsey Toppe ends GC's run.

GARDEN CITY 7, Fox Lane 6: 8:21

Caroline Tarzian gives GC its first lead of the afternoon. That's six straight goals for the Trojans. 

Fox Lane 6, GARDEN CITY 6 : 11:45

Catherine Dickinson passes the free position to Barbara Sullivan. Garden City starting to take control of this one.

Fox Lane 6, GARDEN CITY 5: 13:43

Katie D'Antonio scores from Barbara Sullivan. Timeout Fox Lane.

Fox Lane 6, GARDEN CITY 4: 14:19

Caroline Tarzian puts one in. Here comes Garden City.

Fox Lane 6, GARDEN CITY 3: 15:43

Barbara Sullivan scores GC's second straight.

Fox Lane 6, GARDEN CITY 2: 16:52

Caroline Tarzian ends the Fox Lane run.

UPDATE: FOX LANE 6, Garden City 1

Kailey O'Hagan on the free position.

UPDATE: FOX LANE 5, Garden City 1

Lindsey Toppe from Sammy Jo Tracy. Timeout Garden City.

UPDATE : FOX LANE 4, Garden City 1

Samy Jo Tracy on the free position.

UPDATE: FOX LANE 3, Garden City 1 21:55

Sydney STern from Lindsey Toppe.

UPDATE Fox Lane 2, GARDEN CITY 1 22:32

Shannon Mangini gets GC on the board, assist to Caroline Tarzian.

UPDATE: FOX LANE 2, Garden City 0 22:56

That's Sammy Jo Tracy from Sydney Stern.

UPDATE: FOX LANE 1, Garden City 0 23:40

Lindsay Toppe opens the scoring for the Foxes.

The skies have cleared and its actually pretty nice out now here at Cortland. Garden City (20-0) and Fox Lane (19-2) are warming up for the state Class B championship game. GC is looking to make it 2-for-2 for Long Island against Westchester. Farmingdale just defeated Lakeland-Panas 6-5 to win its second straight Class A title.

Fox Lane comes into the game ranked No. 8 in the state in Class B and defeated Watertown 18-11 yesterday to get here.  The opening draw is 12 minutes away. See you then.