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Live from Dowling, Suffolk Class A final: No. 3 BAY SHORE 13, NO. 1 NORTHPORT 12

Northport's Shannon Gilroy drives to the goal as

Northport's Shannon Gilroy drives to the goal as Bay Shore defender Catherine Schmidt comes from behind to attempt a steal. (Apr. 26, 2010) Credit: Frank Koester

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Bay Shore is the Suffolk Class A girls lacrosse champion. The Marauders will take on Farmingdale for the Long Island championship, Sunday at noon, here at Dowling. Nothport almost pulled off an incredible comeback, but Bay Shore holds on and pulls off probably the biggest upset of the year.

Final scoring leaders:

Bay Shore: Alyssa Leonard: four goals, Kyra Harney: three goals.

Northport: Shannon Gilroy: six goals, one assist. Courtney Fortunato: three goals one assist.


BAY SHORE WINS THE DRAW. Scarlett Nawrocki knocks the ball loose and grabs the ground ball. NORTHPORT HAS POSSESION. Bay Shore gets whistled for a yellow card. Gilroy has a free position. Bay Shore's Caroline dLyra knocks the ball loose and Cynthia DelCore picks up the ground ball. Bay Shore is going to win. DelCore runs it out and Bay Shore's girls mob each other at midfield.

UPDATE 0:59 Second Half : Bay Shore 13, NORTHPORT 12

Courtney Fortunato just scored Northport's fifth straight goal. Northport within one. Bay Shore player whistled for a yellow card right before the goal. Marauders will be a man down for the rest of the game. Timeout Northport. The Northport fans are going nuts. One minute of regulation left in the county final. We've said this before, but this draw is going to be huge. A mother in the Northport crowd just yelled "EVERYBODY UP" and in one motion, the entire Northport contigent rose to thier feet. This is pretty cool. 

UPDATE 2:39 Second Half : Bay Shore 13, NORTHPORT 11

Don't look now, but Shannon Gilroy just put the Tigers within two. Bay Shore has not scored in over 10 minutes. This draw is huge... And after a 10 second scrum, Bay Shore's Caterhine Schmidt comes up with the ground ball.

UPDATE 5:33 Second Half: Bay Shore 13, NORTHPORT 10

Shannon Gilroy scores, Northport is within three. Bay Shore takes a timeout. We have a game here folks.

UPDATE 8:21 Second Half: Bay Shore 13, NORTHPORT 9

Freshman Dorrien Van Dyke scores off a free position to put Northport back within four.

UPDATE: 13:44 BAY SHORE 13, Northport 8

Claire Healy lets Bay Shore equal its biggest lead of the night.

UPDATE: 15:28 Bay Shore 12, NORTHPORT 8

Shannon Gilroy was on a mission there. Scores unassisted and puts the Tigers within four.

UPDATE: 17:03 BAY SHORE 12, Northport 7

Alyssa Leonard's also a volleyball star. She just ripped a shot off the top post, jumped up and grabbed the rebound over everyone, drew a foul and scored the free position. That's eight of the past nine goals for the Marauders.

UPDATE: 18:30 BAY SHORE 11, Northport 7

Eighth grader Kyra Harney looking like a vet, puts one in and increases Bay Shore's lead to four. This is Bay Shore's largest lead and they've held it four times. BS wins the draw.

UPDATE 20:20. Second half. Bay Shore 10, NORTHPORT 7

Paige Bonomi ends Bay Shore's run, scoring Northport's first goal in 17 minutes. BS wins the ensuing draw.

UPDATE 20:58. Second half. BAY SHORE 10, Northport 6

Carly Cox alley-oops it from behind the net to Alyssa Leonard, who showed off her basketball skills, and slammed it home. Six straight goals for the Marauders.


Bay Shore ended the half on a 5-0 run and started it on a 4-0 run. In between Northport had a 6-0 run. The key for Bay Shore is controlling the draws. According to Newsday's Director of Draws, Chris Mascaro, the Marauders hold an 11-5 advantage. Katie Lawlor also made a couple of big saves for Bay Shore. Shannon Gilroy leads all scorers with three goals and one assist. Kyra Harney, Alyssa Leonrd and Cynthia DelCore each have two goals for the Marauders. The key should continue to be draw controls. Both these offenses are scoring at will, so the key will be maintaining possesion. Early guess is this one might go down to who has the ball last and which defense can muster a big stop.

UPDATE 0:11. BAY SHORE 9, Northport 6

Cynthia DelCore puts another one in. Bay Shore has equalled its scoring total from the first time these two met.

UPDATE 1:49. BAY SHORE 8, Northport 6

Claire Healy scores the Marauders fourth straight goal.

UPDATE 8:39. BAY SHORE 7, Northport 6

Shelby Vaccaro puts the Marauders back on top. It's been a game of runs. 4-0 Bay Shore. 6-0 Northport. 3-0 Bay Shore.

UPDATE: 11:20 First Half: Northport 6, BAY SHORE 6

Kyra Harney scores off the draw, and just like that we're tied.

UPDATE: 11:33 First Half: Northport 6, BAY SHORE 5

Timeout worked. Ninth grader Cynthia DelCore puts the Marauders within a goal.

UPDATE: 12:27 First Half: NORTHPORT 6, Bay Shore 4

Shannon Gilroy scores from Courtney Fortunato. Six straight for Northport. Bay Shore wisely takes its first timeout.

UPDATE: 14:16 First Half: NORTHPORT 5, Bay Shore 4

Courtney Fortunato gives the Tigers their first lead. It was 4-0 Bay Shore five minutes ago.

UPDATE: 14:39 First Half: Bay Shore 4, NORTHPORT 4

Shannon Gilroy scores the equliizer. That's a 4-0 run for Northport.

 UPDATE 15:45 First Half: Bay Shore 4, NORTHPORT 3

Shannon Gilroy scores Northport's third straight goal.

 UPDATE: 17:55 first half. Bay Shore 4, NORTHPORT 2

Here comes Northport. Paige Bonomi scores off a free position.

 UPDATE: 19:26 first half. Bay Shore 4, NORTHPORT 1

Courtney Fortunato gets the Tigers on the board, assist to Jess Nelson.

UPDATE: 20:23 first half: BAY SHORE 4, Northport 0

It's Alyssa Leonard again.

UPDATE: 22:14 first half: BAY SHORE 3, Northport 0

Alyssa Leonard scores right off the draw.

UPDATE: 22:28 first half: BAY SHORE 2, Northport 0

Two shots, two goals for the Marauders. Carly Cox puts one in.

UPDATE: 24:10 first half: BAY SHORE 1, Northport 0

Kyra Harney gets the scoring started.


We’re live here at Dowling for today’s Suffolk Class A girls lacrosse championship between Northport (17-1) and Bay Shore (15-3).

Northport has won the last two county titles and defeated Bay Shore 17-9 during the regular season. The conversation with Northport begins with junior Shannon Gilroy, who despite missing four games near the end of the season led Suffolk in scoring with 91 goals and 32 assists. Courtney Fortunato (72 goals, 25 assists), Paige Bonomi (38 goals, 23 assists) and Kiera McNally (32 goals, 18 assists) also provide plenty of offense. The Tigers rolled past Ward Melville, 19-13 in the semis, and West Babylon, 18-12 in the quarters.

Bay Shore defeated local rival West Islip 10-9 in the semifinals and Middle Country 12-9 in the quarters. Multi-sport athlete Alyssa Leonard (49 goals 16 assists), Shelby Vaccaro (48 goals, 18 assits) and Caroline deLyra (40 goals, 31 assists) lead the Marauders attack.

Last year’s Class A final was a thriller. We’ll see if this year can top it. See you soon.

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