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Postgame: Kellenberg vs. Sacred Heart

More postgame reaction from Kellenberg’s 2-0 win over Sacred Heart on Monday.


On the win:
“We really came out as hard as we could, especially considering we lost to them the first time. We really just wanted to come out and prove what we have…It was real important. Winning this game kind of gave us a heads up and if we beat St. John’s we get home field for the semis so that was really important to us.”

On her goal:
“It’s kind of funny because it’s exactly how I scored against them in the semis last year. We had a corner kick and I was in the right place at the right time. I just kind of tapped it in.”

On shutting down the Sacred Heart attack:
“They switched formations towards the end. We kind of got a little nervous. But we call the defense the “Core Four.” So we held it down and tried to keep our positioning.

On Kellenberg’s speed:
“Even in practice, I find it’s really hard to keep up with them. We definitely try to use that to our advantage and play it to the outside as much as we can.”

On playing St. Anthony’s on Friday:
“I am extremely excited to play them again.”


On the win:
“Our defense was really tight today. Our center-midfielders held off their center-midfielders, which is the strongest part of their team…This win was so important. Now we should have home field advantage for the semis. Everything should be good from here.”

On her goal:
“Christina Akalski split two defenders and played it to me and I took a shot from outside the 18.”

On Kellenberg’s speed:
“It’s so hard to defend. Our outside midfielders have the most speed in the league. It’s crazy.”


On the win:
“This was huge because this could put us between second or third in the playoffs. It was a good morale boost because we did lose to Sacred Heart 1-0 in the beginning of the season even though we outshot them 22-6 in the game.”

On the strategy against Sacred Heart:
"Just trying to not give up any silly fouls. Working our transition, that’s how they beat us last time. We’ve worked on our transition the past few weeks. Our transition really pulled through for us today.”

On Kellenberg’s speed:
“We have speed all over the field. It’s not just one position, it’s all over. If you have speed in the back and speed in the front, you can run down a ball or go to the goal with it.”

On defending the speed:
“It’s very hard because not only are they fast but they are good with the ball. Many defenders can’t keep up with that.


On the loss:
“Even in the game that we won 1-0, Kellenberg had the better of the play. I know it sounds strange but we actually played better in the 2-0 loss than we did in the 1-0 win. I know that sounds a little bit weird. Today, we made two bad mistakes in a five-minute period and it cost us. We paid dearly for our mistakes.  It’s tough to fall down 2-0 just 13 or 14 minutes into the game, that’s an uphill battle. There’s a very good chance that we’ll play them a week from Friday, depending on their results against St. Anthony’s and St. John’s. So we’ll look to do things a little bit differently and hopefully not give up two goals in five minutes.”

On second half adjustments:
“I said we have to come out of the second half feeling better about ourselves than we did after the first half and we did. It was a 0-0 second half, we had a couple chances and we played a little bit better. A couple of players stepped up, didn’t put their heads down. You always feel good about that in a game where you give up two early goals. For the next 55 minutes, we played better than we did in the first 15.”

On defending Kellenberg’s speed:
“Kellenberg has tremendous speed, tremendous tenacity. We had trouble keeping up with one or two of their players. They are quick as a team, but they have one player with exceptional speed, Christina Akalski. Not only does she have incredible speed, but she has a very high work rate. You combine those two things and its tough to match up with it.”

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