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Postgame: MacArthur wins state title

Congrats to the MacArthur girls soccer team for putting the finishing touches on the best season in school history.

Here is some more postgame reaction from MacArthur's 1-0 win over Arlington to capture the first Class AA state championship in program history:


On being state champions:
“It’s really exciting. We got nervous but we brought it home.”

On the defense:
“We kept the ball to each other. The defense is pretty strong. We get help from our forwards, getting the ball downfield, getting the pass down to the corner.”

On being part of the first state championship team at MacArthur:
“It’s definitely a once in a lifetime thing. We’re going to miss our seniors, so I’m glad we ended it with this.”


On being state champions:
“It’s amazing. I can’t even find the words. I’ve wanted this for five years. It’s amazing to do it my senior year.”

On how they managed to shutdown Arlington:
“It started with the defense, it always starts with the defense. We do offsides traps, always, we’re good at it. We start from the defense, goes to the midfield, up to the forwards and they put away goals. That’s how we win.”

On anticipation for the game:
“We really didn’t sleep. We were so nervous, we kept talking about it. We had dance parties, we’re all hyped up. To win is amazing.”

On how the team plans to celebrate:
“Dance on the party bus.”


On being state champions:
“Best feeling of my life.”

On her goal:
“Arianna took the corner and Kelly Kempf just like passed it to me and the defender missed it and I trapped it off my chest and knocked it in.”

On how they managed to shutdown Arlington:
“We knew this was the last game so we just played our hardest.”

On nursing the 1-0 lead:
“At the end, I was watching the clock most of the time. Making sure I kicked the ball up to get it out of there.”

On bringing the first state title to MacArthur:
“Me and Kelly have been working for this for five years. We knew that this was going to be the year.”

On the celebration:
“We’re going crazy and screaming on the bus. Bus driver Jimmy is going to blast the music and we’re going to go crazy.”

On anticipation for the game:
“I was nervous and excited because I knew, no matter what, this was our last game so I was going to have this for the rest of my life.”

On finishing her high school career as a state champion:
“I’ll remember this for the rest of my life. Perfect ending.”


On being state champions:
“It feels awesome. We’ve been working all year for this. It feels great.”

On shutting down Arlington:
“We just played our game. We didn’t know a lot about them. We didn’t know a lot about the team we played yesterday either. We know we’re good, we know that what we do works. So we just stuck to the game plan and we’re all, individually, very strong players.”

On Jill Mulholland:
“She’s been on the team for five years. She’s fantastic. Every team has two or three players marking her and she’s still fantastic.”

On the defense:
“I can’t say enough about them. They are just so solid. Jenny Scro is our anchor back there. The kids listen to her, they know that when she gets up, they better be up too. They just work together as a unit and they are just so good.”

On winning the school’s first state title:
“It means a lot. It’s so good for Levittown, it’s so good for these girls. They just worked so hard, during the school year and during the summer.”

On the senior core:
“They are the heart and soul. Last year we graduated nobody and I think that really just set the tone for this year. They knew that in one game it could be gone. So that wasn’t going to happen this year in their senior year. They were going to end on a good note.”

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