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Postgame: Northport vs. West Islip

Northport keeper Jessica Rom snares a direct kick

Northport keeper Jessica Rom snares a direct kick from West Islip's Brooke Kerrigan (9) near the end of the first half. (Oct. 11, 2011) Credit: Joseph D. Sullivan

Rosy Hayes had two goals and an assist to lead Northport to a 3-2 win over unbeaten West Islip on Tuesday. The two will meet again in the final game of the season on Oct. 26, where a league title could very well be up for grabs. More postgame reaction from the marquee match-up between the Tigers and Lions:


On preparation for the game:
“The entire week, this is all we’ve been preparing for. Even in our other games. (Coach Gipp) gave us off Monday, which was nice to regroup. West Islip tried psyching us out with all the talking but we just blew it off.“

On team’s strength:
“The strength comes from all over. We get help in the back, they know how to move.”

On the win:
“We just played our game. It was rough in the beginning, we had to get used to them. They wanted it.”

On being a distributor on such a talented team:
“It’s great because I know I have options. If I can’t take the shot, I know there are girls who are ready to take it.”

On team chemistry:
“We’re all friends. It helps. We play for each other.”

On winning in senior year:
“This is the last time we can ever do this.”


On the win:
“They kind of had a home field advantage. We aren’t used to playing on turf, we have a grass field. The ball was definitely moving at a faster pace. This is a big win. We didn’t play our best soccer but we definitely hustled and put our all into it.”

On the strength of the Northport attack:
“Yea it kind of shows more, but I think our defense is awesome. That kind of gives us the ability to show our stuff on offense. If we didn’t have such a strong defense we wouldn’t even be able to get the ball up. I think it’s an all-around effort.”

On the urgency to win this season:
“I think this is definitely the year to do it if we are going to do it. We have some amazing seniors who are leaving so I would say this is the year to get it done.”


On the win:
“This is the team to beat in our league. We are undefeated for now so it was very important for us to win this game."

On preparation for the game:
“We were really excited. We knew they were ready for us and well prepared. We could see it when we got here, they were ready to go. Our way of getting ready is a lot different than theirs. Ours is a lot quieter and calm and we focus on individual touches and individual play. We were definitely ready to play."

On her chemistry with Abbate:
“I play with Kristi on our clcub team, we play all the time together. She’s my best friend. We always know what each other is doing. We know where to play it and where to run. Cortney is amazing too, she can shoot a ball form 20 yards out."

On winning in senior year:
“Since I have been a freshman, we haven’t made it to the county finals. I would love, senior year, to make it to the county finals, make it to the Long Island Championship, make it to states and go all the way. We’re strong all over. We really don’t have a weak spot. That’s what will keep us going."


On team’s mindset entering the game:
“They were definitely pumped and focused. They just had nerves in the first half, even though we were up 1-0, they didn’t play the way I know that they can. They were pumped but they were nervous.”

On the win:
“I knew going into this how talented we were, I didn’t know what West Islip looked like. So to come away with a win is great. I wish we played better, in all honesty, because I do think we’re better than what we displayed. But can’t be disappointed… Once they got through the first half jitters, they really composed themselves and really just played their game.”

On the strength of her team:
“I definitely think our attack is the most experienced and the most poised. But our defense is led by Kristin Desmond with her balls in the air and Sara Ronde, who is so fast on the outside. Just all over the field I think we are just so strong.”

On Abbate and Hayes:
“They’ve just been playing together for so long. Four years on varsity plus outside school ball they play together and they just know each other so well. They know the game so well and they read each other so well. It’s great to watch.”

On containing Amanda Martinez and the West Islip offense:
“I didn’t try to put too much stress on it because I knew if we just played together and played as a team it didn’t matter who they had on their team, we’d be able to stop them. I just made sure that nobody was left open and they really did their job.”


On the loss:
“First two minutes they caught us from an organizational standpoint. I thought we had the better play in the first half. We had one or two mental mistakes defensively and good teams are going to capitalize on that. We see it as a little bump in the road. We’re taking this all on a positive. We scored two goals in five minutes on them so we’re definitely on the same level as them. The ball didn’t bounce our way in the first half.”

On if loss is a wake-up call:
“I always say we are only as good as our next win…We've just got to come back and keep playing the way we were playing and hopefully we can take care of business on Thursday against Lindenhurst. That will really tell us if we are heading back in the same direction. And I tell the girl it’s fun to play good teams like Northport. We like playing competitive games, it’s fun. It was a fun game today.”



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