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Postgame: South Side wins Class A title in 4OT

Not everything can make it into the game story in the paper. Here are the remaining quotes following South Side's thrilling 1-0 victory over Somers with 1:01 left in the fourth overtime of the Class A state finals.

South Side coach Shannon McEntee:

On whether there was any question of who to put in for Klaum:

No. Katie has been having phenomenal practices. Every time we put her into the game she makes stuff happen. It wasn’t even a thought. She knew she was going in. Yes.

On how even the game was:

They played a phenomenal whole game and they had very talented players. Their goal keeper -  she’s incredible.

On Sam Ford:

A machine. She has tremendous heart and she wasn’t coming off. There’s no way she’d let me take her off. This is everything to her and she was going to finish it.

Katie Ford:

On her header:

All I wanted to do was score for my team. I knew once Tessa kicked the ball, I was going to get my head on it. I tried as hard as I could and it went in the goal.

On coming in with two minutes to play and scoring the gme-winner:

I can’t describe the feeling. It was incredible. I did what I could to help us make it. I didn’t know how to feel because I was so nervous from getting on the field I didn’t know what was going on.

On what she thought about coming in for Christina Klaum:

I needed to do everything I could to give my effort for Christina. My goal was for Christina. She worked so hard the entire season. She was one of the best players on our team and the other team hurt her.

On if she could see her goal:

I was down but I picked up my head and it was crawling. I saw the girl going, I was like ‘I hope she doesn’t get it’ but it went in.

Sam Ford:

On how it feels to win state:

Absolutely amazing. We worked so hard since August and it was great to let it show out here.

On how many hits she took during the game:

I’m in so much pain right now but I know that my team needed me. I knew I had to do it for them so we could finally win the state championship.

On how she was able to play through the pain:

There were points that I didn’t know that I could get up but my teammates helped me out and pulled me through the last couple of minutes.

Christina Klaum:

On winning state:

I’ve never had the experience before. It’s an indescribable feeling. After last year, we won so many state championships before I wanted to know what it felt like to be a state champion.

On the play where she got thrown down:

Me and this girl got whipped around and I don’t know what happened, she smacked me into the floor and my lip started bleeding. I started getting dizzy because the whole front of my face hit the floor. I was really [ticked]. One because I was bleeding and I don’t like when people do that to me. Two, I really wanted to win. I’m really happy Katie Ford went in there and did it for us.

On seeing the game-winning goal:

I was over with the trainer and she was helping me to get the bleeding stopped. I saw her head it over the keeper and slowly rolled in. I was like, ‘oh my god did that just happen?’

On what she thought the outcome of the game would be when she went out:

I thought it was going to end (in a tie and) we were going to be co-champions. Everybody didn’t want to have to share a championship. It’s a great feeling.

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