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For Mother's Day, Long Island high school athletes thank their moms

Eastport-South Manor girls lacrosse player Kasey Choma and

Eastport-South Manor girls lacrosse player Kasey Choma and her mother Debbie Choma pose for a photo on May 2. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke



Oceanside baseball

“Dear Mom,

I just wanted to let you know how special you have been to me throughout my journey growing up and playing the game of baseball. Yes, you’re a baseball mom and you support me like many moms out there, but you have been noticeably different to me in so many ways. I have never played in a game that you haven’t asked me how I felt and how I did whether you were there or not. Your support never dies down, no matter if I’m on the mound, up at the plate, or anywhere on the baseball field. I always hear your “LETS GO NOAH!!” cheer. Without you, I couldn’t be where I am today. The recruiting process was stressful and challenging and you never doubted me nor left my side. You always told me you wanted the absolute best for me and made sure that I always knew I could accomplish anything - if I put my mind to it. With three kids who are all athletes you do your best to make an appearance at every game, whether it’s preparing us a good luck text or even just questions about the game that I didn’t even think you’d notice. You are selfless and constantly show that to our family and everyone around us. I’ll never forget you being sick in the hospital twice during baseball and you still managed to make sure I knew you were there for me. I am appreciative for all that you’ve done for me. When I leave for college and become independent, life won’t be the same without you always right there watching. I’ll look forward to the good luck text before the game and a phone call after to see how I did. You’ve given me everything and I hope to one day do the same for you.

Love, Noah”



Garden City football and lacrosse

“Hi Mom.

Just wanted to take this time to show you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for all that you have done for me in my life starting off with coming to all my football and lacrosse games. Sometimes I complain about your cheering but I admire the fact that you love watching me play so much. Also thank you for going through all the lacrosse summer tournaments that have been all over the country. Also thank you for cooking all my meals for me. I know you absolutely love when I enjoy your food. Thank you for putting our needs in front of your’s most of the time and how you will do anything to help me out in life. But most importantly thank you for loving me and showing your love for me every single day. I love you Mom and Happy Mother’s Day.

Love, Trevor”



Eastport-South Manor lacrosse

“Dear Momma,

Happy Mother’s Day! I would like to express how thankful I am for you today and every day. Not many people are as lucky as I am to be able to call their mom their biggest role model and best friend. You are, by far, the most selfless person I know, and that is only one of the countless number of traits I admire about you. You are constantly bettering people’s lives by putting their needs before your own, which is something I can only hope to say about myself in the future. Throughout my lacrosse career, you have made an innumerable amount of sacrifices of your own, affecting your personal life to make sure I am doing everything possible in order to become the best version of myself, and I am beyond grateful for that. The amount of time, money and effort you have put into me and my career is admirable, and I hope to be half the mother that you are in the future. Throughout these past years, there have been moments where I felt as if I couldn’t give anymore and you never stopped believing in me and you encouraged me to keep reaching for the untouchable, and never settle for anything less. Without this, or you, I would not have become the person and athlete I am today. There is no one else I would have wanted to have a catch with every morning at the bus stop, live in different hotels with almost every weekend and create the most amazing memories that will stick with me forever. Thank you for being my best friend and number one fan.

I love you, Mom.”



Greenport basketball

“Dear Mom,

Today is a special day to reflect on everything you have done for me, my brothers, and all the people around us. When it comes to my love for you, it’s unconditional, it’s rare, it’s special. You do so much for me and have been my biggest fan. Love at first sight is a real thing and I’ve never stopped loving you since I entered this world. Your passion to make sure I achieve all that is possible, and the way you’re able to make a child always feel safe and loved is truly a once in a lifetime trait in a person. You’ve inspired me to be better and always remain humble in tough situations. I’ve never needed anyone else because I’ve always had you. We’ve overcome so much together and it has made our bond, something incomparable to any other. I wake up every day and I know that all my accomplishments are more significant because I share them with you. I would like to thank you for all you do and let you know I appreciate all your hard work, sacrifices, dedication, and commitment to me. One day I hope to give it back to you. The marathon we run together is a truly inspiring one, and the group of people you’ve carefully surrounded us with, make it even better. Thank you a million times over and I love you until death do us part.

Happy Mother’s Day and many more to come.

Love Ahkee”



Uniondale track and field

“No one can choose their parents. I was lucky. I am very grateful to have a Mom as special as you. You make parenting look easy when everyone knows how complicated it can be. You always support me in my academics and at our sporting events. And those sports can start anywhere from 6 a.m. or 9:30 p.m. You make sacrifices because that’s what great parents do for the love of their children. I’ve learned how and why people sacrifice for their kids because of everything you;ve given up to do things for me. I am so grateful to such a wonderful mother. Thanks for being you!

Love, Christian”



Seaford softball

“Dear Mom,

As we come up on the anniversary of you becoming a breast cancer survivor, I just wanted to let you know on this Mother’s Day how special you are to Ryan and me. The past few years have been hard for the whole family, but nothing ever changed with the way you carried yourself. You never stopped believing and never gave up. Throughout everything you were always positive. Even on your worst days of chemotherapy you would do your best to come watch Ryan and I play. It helped me to always stay positive on the field and forget about what had been going on. Your selflessness and support mean everything to both of us. You always say, “it takes a village” and you’re right. The support of family and friends have helped us throughout the journey.

I know I don’t say it often, but I love the fact that you have my back on the softball field through ups and downs. My first thought after finding out everything that you were going to have to deal with was “What am I going to do when my mom’s not by my side in March when the first day of softball comes?”. I am glad you are back this year to help the team. Although you are demanding at times, I know your goal for my teammates and me is to make all of us better players. I’m glad I share the same passion for softball that you do, and I hope to follow in your footsteps and play softball in college. Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Love, Anna”

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