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LI high school athletes thank their mothers

Read these student-athletes' touching letters to their moms for Mother's Day.

To Jeannette Budrewicz From Ashley, left, and Jessica
Credit: Johnny Milano

To Jeannette Budrewicz

From Ashley, left, and Jessica Budrewicz, MacArthur softball

Dear Mom,

Happy Mother's Day to not only our No. 1 fan, but to our No. 1 supporter! We may not say it nearly enough, but thank you for everything you have done for us all our lives and everything you still do. You always make us feel loved and important even when you have a million other things on your plate. You are an amazing woman who has always inspired us to follow our dreams and to take the right path. Now, we are living the dream and you are right by our sides through it all. You have always expressed how we should be a student first, then an athlete. You have supported us and encouraged us through our whole career and we wouldn't be the players we are today without you. Softball is our passion and no matter what happened, you are always right there to pick us up, give us advice, and most of all, tell us how proud you are of the both of us. We really dont understand where you find all of the patience to deal with our weirdness. But for that, and many other reasons, we would like to say we love you. Thank you for everything and Happy Mother's Day to the best Mom out there!

Love, Ashley and Jessica

To Kathleen ReedFrom Robbi, left, and Kathleen Reed,
Credit: Heather Walsh

To Kathleen Reed

From Robbi, left, and Kathleen Reed, Long Island Lutheran softball

Dear Mom,

We just want to let you know how much you mean to us. Without your support, we would not be the players we are today. You've been our biggest fan since day one . . . whether it be softball, volleyball or basketball. The hours you've spent driving us to practices, private lessons, clinics, camps and games are always appreciated. Even though you work full time you still find time to help us with our schoolwork or with sports. We are proud to tell our friends that you are a Detective and that youve been helping people this way for over 29 years! As a single parent, you have taught us by example to be strong, independent, caring people. You always put us first each and every day and we are truly blessed to have a mother like you. You've taught us how to work hard and to respect the game and others. We want you to know that every time we step out onto the field, we always try to make you and our school proud. Thank you for always being there for us no matter what and for always picking us up if we fall. We love spending time with you, making jokes and laughing until our stomachs hurt. Thank you for being one of the assistant coaches of our school softball team. It really means a lot to us that you put all that time in to help coach. Youre the best mom we could ever ask for and we love you so much. We want to wish you a Happy Mother's Day because you deserve it!

Love, Robbi and Kathleen

To Caryl Crasa From Cydney Crasa, Ward Melville
Credit: Randee Daddona

To Caryl Crasa

From Cydney Crasa, Ward Melville gymnastics

Dear Mom,

Gymnastics has always been my greatest passion, which is why having you in the gym with me for all these years has meant everything to me. From the moment I took my first steps on the floor, to the gymnastics that I do today, it has been your advice and guidance that has helped me along my journey. Many people wouldn't like having their mom as their coach, but I know that that's exactly what I've always needed. Every single meet that I've competed at, you're always the person I can look to. Normally, you're jumping about 50 feet in the air and the loudest cheerer in the competition. You run up to me after every routine and give me the biggest hug, and every one of those moments has been so special to me. To know that I have the support and love of my family is the greatest feeling ever.

Yes, you've been my coach. Without you, I certainly would not have developed into the gymnast I am today. But as my mother, you've taught me everything I need in life and more. No amount of thank yous would ever be enough to explain how grateful I am for you and how much I love you. Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Cydney

To Irene Gerland From Steph, left, and Jenn
Credit: Heather Walsh

To Irene Gerland

From Steph, left, and Jenn Gerland, Garden City track

Dear Mom,

Thank you for everything that you have done for us in the past couple of years. You've taken us to buy new spikes and trainers every season, and taken a plane all the way down to North Carolina to watch us compete at Nationals each year. You got us involved in running before we even knew how to walk by taking us on your runs in the jogger stroller, and then, once we were old enough you began taking us running with you. The runs we went on together created an inseparable bond between us. Our passion for running will never fade and we owe all of our accomplishments in running to you.

We can probably count on one hand the amount of meets you did not attend, but we know it must have killed you to not have been able to watch us race. You have been our number one supporter from the beginning, even when we would get dead last at CYO track meets in elementary school. You taught us how to love running, a sport that most people don't find very enjoyable, and to always run with our hearts. Thanks again for everything that you do for us and for being such an amazing track mom. We love you!

Love, Steph and Jenn

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