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Leftovers: Semifinals Edition

Some of the leftovers from last Thursday and Friday's games went into Sunday's softball notebook, but I've got some other tidbits you guys can heat up and enjoy.


Taylor Ruscillo, whose two-run single gave Carle Place a lead in their 7-0 win over Locust Valley in the Class C semifinal, was a little nervous talking into the recorder and her teammate, Samantha Burden, tried to relax her. Burden threw out a quote and I’d told her I would try to get it in. I couldn’t for the article, but here goes:

Samantha Burden
“I’m really proud of Carle Place. We did a great job. We just kept fighting and that was one of our best games of all time.”

Farmingdale coach Laura Malone
-- On the Dalers’ tough loss to East Meadow, 2-1, in the 11th inning of the Class AA semifinals: “They played their hearts out and did everything they could do. It just wasn’t our; wasn’t our day.”

Farmingdale made the jump from Conference III to I this season, earned the fourth seed in Class A, and reached the semifinals.

“That’s the part that we’re so proud of this team,” Malone said. “We have the best pitcher, yes, but it’s all of them. Everyone held their own and we played well defensively. We have some young players, a lot of freshman. We’ll be back next year.”

Isabella Corrao
On pitching a three-hitter with 17 strikeouts in the loss: “I’m obviously upset, but things happen. We played 11 innings and it took them that long to get to us. It was a battle.”
-- On her mindset during an extra-innings pitchers’ duel: “I kind of don’t even think on the mound. I want to keep my adrenaline going, but I don’t think about the circumstances because I don’t want to psych myself up.”
On the season as a whole: “It was a very big accomplishment for Farmingdale to come this far. We got to this game and did well. Especially against East Meadow. We held them for 11 innings. It’s an accomplishment for the Farmingdale girls.”

Before the game, the East Meadow girls (and coach Cindy McCarthy) were getting down to Nelly music. And not just dancing, but they had a Soul Train line sort of thing going, with each person stepping in one at a time to bust a move. They get a +5 for not being afraid to dance in public.

“We do it to keep everyone loose and relaxed before the game,” McCarthy said. “Have a little fun so they don’t get tense or too psyched up.”

That’s a good reason. But it was an 82-degree day at the park. That’s reason enough to crank the music and boogie. When “Hot in Herre” was getting crazy spin in summer ‘02, I was dancing to it. But I was in high school then. Now I’m old. Might hurt a hip or something.

Brittany Anghel
-- On East Meadow’s dramatic win: “It was so stressful, but it was huge. We’re going up against Bella and she’s the best pitcher in the league, but we got it done. We came together and pulled through. You couldn’t ask for anything more.”
- On Lindsay McKillop’s four-hitter with 16 strikeouts: “Me and Lindsay were so in-synch today. It was a beautiful thing. I’m so excited for her and she’ll be proud of herself.”
-- On getting two hits of three hits against Corrao, her former batterymate at St. Dominic: “Well, I haven’t hit well against Bella, so this was really big for me. I’ve been working on it all week and I’m happy I could get the job done.”

Nikki Giocastro
-- On the bunt to get Sam Miller to third: “It was nerve-wracking, but I’ve done it before. I just wanted to drop it down because I trusted Sam to make a good read on it and get over. And I trusted Beanie [Christine Backer] to get her in.”
-- On the win: “We’re ready for counties!”

Christine Backer
-- On the bunt to drive in Sam Miller with the winning run: “I wasn’t worried about what kind of pitch it was or where it was going, Sam just had to score.”
-- On it being the junior’s first game-winning RBI: “I’ve never even been in this position before. Never had a walkoff hit or anything like that.”
- On the drag-out game: “Lindsay was amazing and Bella pitched great, but when we needed to get it done, we came through.”

Lindsay McKillop
-- On the game-winning bunt: “When Beanie got up there, I knew she was gonna lay that bunt down. I knew! If she hadn’t gotten it down, Sam would’ve been out in a heartbeat… I saw the first baseman field it and I knew she’d be safe, so I started running out [onto the field]. The play wasn’t even over, but I just knew it was happening.”
-- On the game going 11 innings and neither offense being able to score: “I don’t let it frustrate me. I think part of pitching is just taking what’s given and being positive the whole time. Even if something bad happens, you have to have faith that your team will pull through.”

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