I covered the East Meadow/Farmingdale game last Friday, which you can check out here if you haven’t read already. One of the things about writing for a paper space restraints and the flow n’ structure of a story. Because of that, we’re often left with several minutes of quotes or details that weren’t used. And a lot of the time it’s good stuff; just couldn’t fit into the story. Most times it’s for naught or know it just for knowing. But I’m thinking it would be a good idea to post some of that stuff. Let’s unwrap the aluminum foil and make sammiches (pronounce it like that) with the leftovers.

- One of the things that jumps out when watching Farmingdale’s Isabella Corrao pitch is the grunt she lets out on every throw. It’s like the women’s tennis players’. So I had to ask. “I don’t know,” she said. “I don’t really control it. It just comes out. I think I hold my breath when I’m delivering the pitch… I put everything into every pitch.”

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- East Meadow catcher Brittany Anghel on facing Corrao, her former battery mate at St. Dominic. “It was alright. She won the battles most of the time. She’s a good athlete. Give her a lot of credit… It’s a little bit weird [facing her], but I try to get past all that and do my job.

- Ran into Lindsay McKillop’s dad, Rich, after the game. John Dovak, the friend of a co-worker, called out to me (said co-worker has spoken highly of me) and introduced himself, then introduced me to Papa McKillop.
“I’m very proud of [Lindsay’s] accomplishments,” Rich said. “It was a great game. They (Lindsay and Corrao) hooked up in a great pitchers’ duel and they’ve played with and against each other in travel ball. They’re both very talented. What’s better than a day of softball like this?”
On McKillop getting the game-winning hit: “I’m proud because I’m standing with the dad of her hitting coach (Deanna Dovak),” he said with a laugh. “It makes the extra training and the money spent all the more worth it.”