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Nassau Softball: Potpourri Post

Friends & Family
It’s been a good week for the Denihan sisters of Friends Academy. On Monday, Correy, a junior, went 5-for-6 with a homer and drove in a career-high 10 runs in a 21-11 win over Mineola. Yes, 10 ribbies. She hit another home run on Thursday as the Quakers topped Lawrence, 26-13, and improved to 3-0. Aside: It’s like the Arena League of softball there; runs aplenty.

On the lacrosse field, little sister Kelsey, a sophomore, scored a career-high nine points with seven goals and two assists in Tuesday’s win over Division. And she had a hat trick against Carle Place on Thursday. Scoring must run in the family.

Frenemies, but not really
I covered the Division vs. Island Trees game yesterday, which was a nondescript 8-3 win for the Blue Dragons, who got their first in-conference win of the season(read all about it). One of the things that was interesting was how the closeness (proximity) of the teams made for a closeness (camaraderie). The schools are just two miles apart and many of the girls grew up playing 10-and-under and travel ball together. Taylor Rosenthal’s mom, a Division supporter, even gave hugs to a few of the Lady Bulldogs.

So it was funny-odd when Island Trees catcher Justine Abramowski pegged Alexa Sussman in the shoulder with a pickoff throw to first. Abramowski threw a low liner that nailed the runner’s extended right arm as she dove for the bag. Sussman stayed down for a minute screaming as the coach and her father tended to her. Then she rolled over, glared at the backstop and yelled, “I’m gonna kill her!”

I hadn’t yet found out the two were BFFs, so I’m thinking, “Oh, snap. Softball beef.”

Even before Sussman said it, Island Trees pitcher Taylor Tedeschi thought it. “Crap,” Tedeschi said of her reaction to Sussman getting drilled. (No, I’m not sure if “crap” is OK on the blog, but we’ll find out.) “She’s going to kill Justine tomorrow when she sees her.”

Abramowski and Sussman live a block away from each other, are teammates on Long Island Fire & Ice travel team and “have sleepovers all the time.”

Sussman: “It was funny that she’d hit me of all people… My first thought was that my shoulder might’ve popped out, but once I realized I got the extra bases, it felt a little better.”

Did Abramowski feel any guilt? “I thought I hit her in the face or it went under the helmet and hit her in the neck. The way she was screaming you’d have thought it caught an artery or something. When I saw it was her shoulder, it was like ‘C’mon, suck it up.’… She’s going to hold it against me for a long time, or until she gets me back.”

If only Yankees and Mets fans could get along like that.

A preview of the preview
I’m gonna apologize in advance for the softball preview (all of the sports, really) for not including as many teams as we’d like. Writers tend to be verbose (talking and typing) and tight word counts often force us to leave out details or tidbits we’d like to include in stories. It’s even worse on previews because we’ve got about 500 words to talk about the teams and players and give details with some kind of narrative flow. It’s tough to do and impossible to include all the teams. It happens every year in every sport and there’s always at least one team that’ll have a great season and we look back like, “Ahhhh, I didn’t have ‘em in the preview!” Same thing for Players to Watch. There’ll be several kids who have amazing seasons who weren’t listed there. We just wanna let everyone know that it’s nothing against anyone or any team, but it’s a product of space restraints in the paper. But we’ve got a blog for a reason. If you’ve got an interesting story, details of impressive feats during the season or comments/compliments/complaints, feel free to e-mail Cody or myself. We like information and interaction. I’d post my cell number on here, but I fear telemarketing recordings and early-morning prank calls (it’s not bad at a decent hour; just don’t wake me up with one). To the coaches who have my number, you can pass it along to others.

Hit, run, score!
Catholic league pitchers will have to put a little extra on their fastballs this season since the CHSAA moved the pitching circle back three feet.

That, combined with the graduation of Olivia Galati (St. John the Baptist) and Megan Butterworth (Holy Trinity) and the transfer of Isabella Corrao (St. Dominic), could lead to more offense. It’s like when MLB lowered the mound in ’69.

Three CHSAA coaches pretty much echoed each other verbatim, saying the changes will make the league more competitive and supremacy will be determined by all-around team talent. All three of them described the league as “up for grabs.”

We'll keep an eye on the scoring in the Catholic league and see if and how much of a spike there is.

Item you won’t care about
But for the people who do care, I will get a photo and a bio up soon. And I’ll make the bio worth reading. Promise.

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