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The Suffolk Scene: Bay Shore is "on to the next goal."

The Marauders are 10-0 this season and have only been scored against once: four runs in a 12-4 win over Connetquot.

"It’s a testament to both Taylor McGowan and Liz Weber," coach Jim McGowan said. "They both did a lot of offseason work, not only going to lessons and working on their pitching, but they did a significant amount of weight training and core work. The commitment to strength training has been a big help."

McGowan said the commitment to strength and weight training helps minimize injuries and increase stamina.

"The stronger you are, not only is it going to minimize the injuries you’re going to have, it helps their stamina, and they’re as strong the seventh inning as they are the fourth inning," he said. "Taylor and Liz were two of the kids that took younger kids under their wing. They did speed training, core work, it was that kind of commitment. When you’re mentoring a kid you work as hard or harder than the kid in your charge."

But strong pitching and defense has always been a hallmark of Bay Shore’s success. After being shutout in the deciding Game 2 of the Suffolk Class AA finals last year, however, The Marauders decided to focus more on the offense. It’s resulted in 93 runs scored so far, or 9.3 per game.

"I vowed that wouldn’t happened again," McGowan said of being shutout. "Probably 60 percent of my practices were offensive minded before. This year, we’re about 75 percent. More specific drills for our kids weaknesses and strengths, more batting practice and front tossing and it’s really paid off."

Nicole Marzillo missed 2009 with injury but is batting over .500 this season with two home runs. Cat Franzone has been "outrageous," batting .620. "Even her outs are lasers," McGowan said.

Taylor McGowan, who batted under .300 last season, is batting over .500 so far. Kelsey Fischer is a .420 hitter.

All that offense, and all that pitching and defense, has led Bay Shore to clinch its 28th straight playoff spot only 10 games into the season. But McGowan doesn’t see complacency setting in for his crew.

"We’re not goal oriented in that sense," he said. "To us it’s all about preparation and process, and we always think that good things are going to happen. It’s something that you prepare for, but I don’t ever take those things for granted. We got that under our belt and we go on to the next goal."


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