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Live Blog: John Glenn Wins Class B Girls Volleyball State Final

3:57: Block from Rigo makes it 24-13 and a kill from Rigo ends thing. Glenn wins in 3, 25-12, 25-15, 25-13. Dominant from start-to-finish

3:54: Glenn is up 18-13, pulling away. Two straight aces from Canales gives SpiderKnights seven-point lead.

3:46: Glenn down 9-8; they are starting to come together. A kill fro Mckenna puts them SpiderKnights up 10-9.

3:42: Glenn down 6-0 in the third. Rigo comes back with a vicious kill to make it 6-1. 

3:36: Glenn takes second on fault from Pelham, 25-15...25 points to a state title.

3:30: Kill from Rigo scrapes the left sideline. No chance for Pelham, who calls TO with the score 17-11. 

3:28: 14-11 SpiderKnights... they are playing a bit sloppy now but do not appear to be in much danger. Karen Canales' kill puts them ahead 15-11.

3;25: Pelham making a minor comeback... it is now 12-9.

3:21: Rigo's second kill through a defender's legs on the bounce. 8-3 Glenn.

3:18: Rigo with a kill that bounced through the poor defender's legs. Tied at 1 in second. Rigo is scary good.

3:12: Shot long by Pelham puts SpiderKnights up 24-12. Double-hit on following play gives them the first game, 25-12. Easy, easy work thus far.

3:08: Glenn is leading 17-9.

3:04: Can we call Glenn the SpiderKnights?

3:03: Malusa block puts Glenna head 10-4.

3:01: Rigo's second block of the afternoon puts Spiders/Knights ahead 6-4. Glenn's official school mascot is Knights, but the girls volleyball team goes by the Spiders moniker. Thus, the two nicknames.

2:59: Glenn trailing 4-2 early on.

2:56: Game starting... Glenn's lineup is as followed: Melissa Rigo, Stephanie Caputo, Allison McKenna, Jackie Mausa and Karen Canales.

2:48: I am still cold.

2:41: The PA system is playing "YMCA." Insert joke here.

2:34: We are 20 minutes away here at the Glens Falls Civic Center, which is normally a minor league hockey arena. It is cold inside this building

2:22: We are about 30 minutes away from start time, as John Glenn attempts to win its first Class B State title since 2007. They are playing Pelham HS from Westchester, who they defeated in two dominant sets yesterday during the semifinal round. The Spiders went 6-0 during the semis, looking like the Class of the "B" schools. Stay with me throughout the afternoon as I give you minute-by-minute (Ok, maybe every few minutes) updates of the match.

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