In a rematch of the 152-pound Suffolk final, Islip's Kyle Wade exacted revenge in a surprising fashion, pinning Glenn's Nick Terdick in 2:46.

Wade, who was leading 2-0 at the time, went in on a deep shot and Terdick tried reaching over Wade's back to grab his ankle and cause a stalemate.

But in the process, he exposed his back, and the referee whistled him pinned, much to Terdick's surprise — but not Glenn coach T.J. Brocking's.

When Terdick looked at him shocked the match was over, Brocking disappointedly shrugged his shoulders and said "you were stuck."

Wade said after the match that he often gets in that position. He's not so much trying to pin the guy (which is rare in that situation) as he is trying to secure a takedown by scaring his opponent off his back.

"I thought I was going to be up 4-0 [on a second takedown]," he said. "But I didn't expect [to get the pin] under any circumstance."

He did though, and now he'll take on Amsterdam's Giuseppi Lanzi, the top seed, in the final.

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In other news, three teams — Rocky Point, Huntington and Wantagh — have placed three wrestlers in tonight's final.

After Dutton's win, Rocky Point got major decisions from Anthony Volpe at 160 and Billy Coggins at 171.

Volpe (pictured) will take on Huntington's Louis Puca, a 5-2 semifinal winner, in the final. Puca joins Damon McQueen and Nigel McNeil as the Blue Devils' finalists.

For Wantagh, Matt Loew just earned a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Suffolk champ Chris Di Iorio from Sachem East to advance to the final for the second straight year (he was runner-up last season). Loew tied the match at 1 on a stalling point in the second period and took the lead on a third-period escape. He'll join teammates Joe Barbato (103) and Joe Kavanagh (171) in the finals.