After several calls made by the umpiring crew came under scrutiny during Monday's Yankees-Blue Jays game, crew chief John Hirschbeck said he plans to review some plays with his umpires and discuss how certain calls were made and handled.

First on his agenda likely will be a call made by Marty Foster when Derek Jeter attempted to steal third in the first inning. Jeter clearly eluded Scott Rolen's tag but was called out. After the game, Jeter said Foster told him that the ball beat him and "he doesn't have to tag you" to get the out call.

Which of course was news to Jeter, who said, "I was unaware of the rules change.''

Hirschbeck said he will speak with Foster - who, along with Wally Bell, declined to comment and deferred all questions to their crew chief - to see if Jeter's assertions are accurate.

"I have not had a chance to talk to Marty about it or what was specifically said, but I will," Hirschbeck said. "We'll talk about the situation, what exactly happened, how he handled it and what he said, because it's important. Getting a play right is one thing, but how you handle it and things you say are equally as important. It used to be if the ball beats you, you're out. It's really not like that anymore. You have to make a good tag."

In other words, in accordance with the rules of baseball.

After the play, the almost always unflappable Jeter appeared incredulous and began to approach Foster before being intercepted by third-base coach Rob Thomson. Because of Jeter's reputation and characteristically stoic nature, Hirschbeck was surprised at his reaction.

"In my 27 years in the big leagues, [Jeter] might be the classiest person I've ever been around in uniform," Hirschbeck said. "I do think, 'Wow, that's unusual' and I did at the time."

If Jeter's assertions about his dialogue with Foster are true, Hirschbeck essentially sided with Jeter and said he understands his reaction. "Which would make his actions seem appropriate if that's what he was told," Hirschbeck said. "I would think that would aggravate him."

After Jeter confronted Foster, manager Joe Girardi argued the call and was ejected. Hirschbeck told Newsday that Girardi was booted because he brought up a bad call at the plate by Foster in Sunday's game. On that play, Foster called Mark Teixeira out even though catcher Raul Chavez tagged him with the glove while holding the ball in his bare hand.

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The umpiring misfortunes did not end there, however.

Jeter made an acrobatic throw to second on Vernon Wells' grounder in the hole in the third inning, but Aaron Hill was ruled safe, setting the stage for Alex Rios' three-run homer. Eric Hinske was called out at second in the seventh although Jays shortstop Marco Scutaro caught an errant throw well off the bag. In each case, replays clearly showed the calls were incorrect.

"We try to get everything right. Sometimes you just miss plays and you have to go in and look at the replays," Hirschbeck said. "You're human and you miss it."