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Instant trade analysis: Flyers send Jeff Carter to Columbus for No. 8 overall pick

 Per the excellent and reliable Bob McKenzie of TSN, a deal that had been rumored -- and seemed like a bad rumor at the time -- has been completed on the eve of the draft.

The Flyers send Jeff Carter and the 11(!!) years left on his deal, with $5.272-million salary cap hit, to the Blue Jackets for RFA Jakub Voracek, the No. 8 overall pick in tomorrow's first round and a third-round pick on Saturday.

So, in short: The Flyers, who are desperate for cap room to sign G Ilya Bryzgalov, unload a player who, while very talented, is in no way a great leader or tremendous locker-room presence for a good player five years younger, a top-10 pick and another usable pick.

Good for the Flyers. Columbus GM Scott Howson may have some explaining to do on this one. Oh, and Carter has a full no-trade that kicks in after this season.

Among the rumors floating around in St. Paul (where I am not) is Flames D Robyn Regehr being asked to waive his no-trade to go to the Sabres. Would be a solid move by Buffalo, pending of course what the Sabres are giving up.

And a bit of housekeeping: I mentioned former Ranger Blair Betts as a fourth-line option for the Isles after July 1. Betts has one more year at $700,000 left with Philly. My bad.

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