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Islanders, Rangers give glimpse at reverse retro jerseys

A look at the teaser for the Islanders'

A look at the teaser for the Islanders' Reverse Retro jerseys. Credit: Adidas Hockey

There’s still no definitive timeline for the start of the next NHL season. But at least the marketing campaign is in full swing.

Adidas released on Tuesday a video teasing the color schemes for all 31 teams’ reverse retro jerseys without specifying which team went with which colors.

Both the Islanders and Rangers then released short teaser clips showing their color schemes.

For the Islanders, it will be a navy blue base with orange. The Rangers, too, will feature a darker blue than their current home jerseys accompanied by red.

The adidas video and the team videos only showed the color schemes from the back, so what logo will be used on the front is still in question. That will be answered on Monday as each team reveals their new uniform design.

Each team will wear these new threads – essentially a second alternate jersey for almost every team – at select games in 2020-21.

The Islanders’ color scheme would seem to indicate they not reviving the much-maligned but now somewhat retro chic Fishermen jerseys worn from 1995-97.

The Rangers could resurrect the Lady Liberty logo used from 1996-97 or the Rangers’ shield worn from 1976-78.

The NHL is targeting on or around Jan. 1 to start its next season after completing the Stanley Cup playoffs in September.

Commissioner Gary Bettman, participating in a virtual panel discussion on Tuesday with leaders of other professional sports, confirmed the NHL is considering a shortened regular-season and is examining playing games – at least to start the season – in short-term hubs while re-aligning its divisions to account for border restrictions between Canada and the U.S. because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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