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Coach Jack Capuano's reaction to last night's events

Jack Capuano was frank in admitting the obvious last night when asked if he expects some sort of discipline for what transpired in a bloody brawl of a game.

"I'm sure on both sides there will be something," he said.

The morning after, Capuano said he doesn't expect to have the same lineup to work with tomorrow against the Sabres. As of 1 p.m. (the team charter departs at 2 p.m), no one had been recalled from Bridgeport.

With some time to reflect on the emotional game, Capuano said he's sticking to his sentiments from the night before:

"It's really the same as it was last night after the game. The players play the game, emotions run high," Capuano said. "You can look at it from all different angles but there were two teams on the ice and it takes two to tango."

When asked if he felt any of his players crossed the line he said:

"That's for the league to make their determination."

Capuano also felt didn't feel like he had to claim responsibility.

"I don't think Dan [Bylsma] did anything in Pittsburgh to send Brent Johnson down to Ricky. I don't think we did anything on our part as coaches either. Players are in the heat of the moment."


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