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Disappointed Biron: `Boom, turn the switch'

Martin Biron admitted today that he had a rough day at the trading deadline. When he was told that he always looks calm, he said it's like a duck that looks come from above the surface of the water but is going 100 miles an hour underneath.

He said he spoke with Garth Snow and Scott Gordon about his situation--not being traded at the deadline. He acknowledged that Wednesday night was tough for him. But he added that he talked with Gordon and said he promised to put that behind him. "Boom--turn the switch."

Biron said he wants to play and that he is working hard mentally to be prepared. He recalls having had "excited" conversations with Lindy Ruff, his coach in Buffalo, and Paul Holmgren, his GM in Philadelphia. He said the key is knowing when to say something and when to stay quiet and use some uneven feelings as motivation.

Gordon said that whatever goalie gets on a roll, that's the one who will play.

The coach would not say whether he will address the issue of the anonymous quotes in today's Newsday, referring to the Islanders three-goalie situation.

"To me, there's less value in it. If you can't put your name to it, there's less meaning," he said.

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