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Gordon and Streit talk about their Olympic chances

Before making a hasty exit from Nassau Coliseum to make their 9:45 flight out of JFK, both Scott Gordon (USA) and Mark Streit (Switzerland) talked about their respective team's Olympic chances.

Gordon said that Ron Wilson's approach to coaching this relatively young team will be to scale back the information and encourage them not to overthink.

"We don’t want players to have information overload. We just want them to go out and play and not think,"

Gordon said he feels the team's youthful exuberance will be an asset and also a bit of a deviation from the teams of Olympics past.

"I think our team will have a lot of speed, I think there will be an element of physical play and the youthful enthusiasm that we’ll have"

"I don’t think there will be that expectation that 'I should be here.' There’s a level of, 'I'm thankful for this opportunity.' It's more , 'I've been waiting for this day,' rather than the past couple of times when it's been kind of written in stone."

"Hopefully," Gordon said. "That passion and enthusiasm wil come out in play."

Streit, who has captained the Swiss team twice before, for the Salt Lake City Games in 2002 and in Turin in 2006, expects the competition to exceed his two previous experiences.

"It's probably going to be the best hockey tournament so far, so I'm really pumped."

The Swiss team did not fare well in Salt Lake City, but had a great showing in 2006, when they beat both the Czech and Candian teams to advance to the quarterfinals.

"That was the first time Switzerland put Swiss hockey on the map," Streit said.

With that underdog performance four years ago, Streit said he feels their team will be a bit more dangerous.

"I don’t think teams will underestimate us. We may not be the favorites, but we can do some damage if not taken seriously."

If you missed my tweet from last night, Matt Martin, Jesse Joensuu and Dustin Kohn have all been sent down to Bridgeport for the break.


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