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Hamonic excited about Winnipeg news

Newsday intern Zach Schonbrun caught up with Islanders defenseman Travis Hamonic at the draft party about the NHL returning to his hometown. Here's the story:

Hours before the Islanders made their first-round pick in the NHL Draft on Friday, Travis Hamonic heard another announcement that made the third-year defenseman smile: the newest NHL team in Winnipeg, Hamonic’s hometown, would be named the Jets again.

“It’s pretty neat to see the team come back, and not only the team come back but to get the name as well,” Hamonic said. “Winnipegers are pretty passionate about the name, Jets, so I’m sure they’re pretty happy.”

Hamonic remembers attending Winnipeg games as a youngster with his dad. The Jets were there from 1979-1996.

“My first memories of hockey were going to Jets games,” he said. “As a Winnipeger, it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

Hamonic is also already looking forward to playing the Jets at home for two games this season, as well as going up to Canada to play at his hometown for the first time on Dec. 20.

When asked how many tickets he will need to get for family and friends for that game, Hamonic replied, “How many we got?”


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