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Overcast 34° Good Afternoon

Islanders top rangers 3-2 in overtime

 Absolutely outstanding game from Kyle Okposo, who was justly rewarded with his first goal in 19 games.

Okposo scored the game-winner in overtime to give the Islanders the win, and even before that decisive goal, Okposo made two phenomenal assists on both the Islanders regulation goals.

With the Herculean effort he has provided over the past six weeks--refusing to concede to frustration and instead elevating his game everywhere else, it seemed apropos that he score the Islanders'  final tally tonight.

"If you would've told me before the game that he'd score the game-winner in overtime, I would've sacrificed the point just to get there," Scott Gordon joked after the game.

Asked if he could envision any better way to snap his drought, Okposo said:

"That was definitely a fun way to do it, especially in the building and the way we came back."

Okposo admitted that his struggles to find the back of the net have been difficult, but now he can breathe a sigh of relief.

"It definitely weighs on you," Okposo said. "but now, the pressure is off."

That discussion naturally shifted to his candidacy for Olympic team consideration, to which he demurely replied:

"I think I've played pretty well, and now it's not up to me."

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