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John Tavares' uncle: ‘Your guess is as good as mine’ on free agency decision

New York Islander John Tavares, left, with his

New York Islander John Tavares, left, with his uncle, Buffalo Bandits lacrosse legend John Tavares. Credit: Bill Wippert / Buffalo Bandits

John Tavares’ uncle said on Thursday that “your guess is as good as mine” regarding which NHL team his free-agent nephew signs with.

A retired indoor lacrosse player, John Tavares said in a text message that he’s been “bombarded” by people asking for inside info on which team his nephew is going to sign with.

Uncle John, who lives in the Toronto area where people are rooting for the Islanders star to return home, says he’s been telling everyone the same thing. “I wish I had the answer,” he said, “but John has kept his cards close to his chest, so your guess is as good as mine.”

The elder John Tavares, now 49, retired from indoor lacrosse in 2015 following a 24-year career, most of which was with the Buffalo Bandits. The Islanders’ John Tavares — a one-time Bandits ball boy — commonly refers to his uncle as “the greatest lacrosse player ever.” — Jim Baumbach

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