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Martin and Gillies respond to respective altercations with Talbot, Tangradi

Since Matt Martin and Trevor Gillies seem to be the two players destined for suspensions, let's start with them.

Here's what Martin had to say about the game last night:

"There was a little history between the two teams. We want to make sure that we took care of what we needed to take care of. It was an emotional game and that's how it played out," he said. "This team is kind of sick of being pushed around all the time. I think we made a statement out there tonight, that we're not a laughing stock. We can take care of ourselves."

And of jumping Max Talbot, who concussed Martin's teammate Blake Comeau last week with a blind-side hit.

"It was what it was, I took care of what I had to take care of," he said.

Gillies also responded to his hit on Eric Tangradi, which reportedly left him with a head injury.

"I thought my shoulder hit him. Maybe I followed through after, but it's not for me to decide. It's up to the league," Gillies said.

When asked about taunting Tangradi after the play, he said:

"Now that you look at the tape it doesn't look so good, but it's an emotional game and I'm one of those guys that wears their heart on sleeve. Maybe I let emotions get best of me there," he said. "There were a lot of guys going to war for each other on both sides and that's kind of the way it went."

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