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Good Morning

Martin Biron on his start tonight and the Wild's equipment debacle

  Martin Biron will get the start in net tonight for the Isles, his first since the December 8 game in Philly that resulted in a 6-2 loss.

Biron's starts have become increasingly fewer and further between--tonight will be his 2nd in the last 9 games--and he's been saddled with some really bad games in front of him while he's between the pipes (i.e. Philly, New Jersey).

Tonight, he'll get a chance to turn that luck around.

"I want a strong, solid start anytime I'm on the ice," Biron said. "But I have to try and not put too much pressure on myself."

Since, it's been some time since he's played, he'll have the added pressure of trying to find his rhythm and shaking off any remaining rust.

"I haven't been in the net for awhile, so I just want to get back in there and get back in the rhythm and build my game up back to where I want it to be," Biron said. "To bring all of these things together will be very exciting."

'He's probably just anxious to play," coach Scott Gordon said. "We've been riding Rolie here because of matchups and because his play has dictated that we keep coming back with him."

Gordon said he could've gone either way with the second Rangers game, but felt it was time to see what Roloson could do in back-to-back games. When asked if he would be willing to go back to Roloson in back-to-back games in the future, Gordon said he would.

"One game doesn't dictate what you do for the future," Gordon said.


I'm sure many of you have heard by now, but Minnesota is likely experiencing quite the headache right now, as their van carrying the team's equipment caught on fire en route to Ottawa.

Well, Biron can relate to that situation.

Biron told several reporters this morning about his own equipment disaster several years ago. After making his way to Montreal for goalie camp the year before the lockout, Biron left his hockey gear, golf clubs,  passport and other valuables in his car in the hotel parking lot.

When he went back out to retrieve the vehicle, it was gone, including everything inside.

So Biron enlisted the help of his uncle (a private detective) and other law enforcement people to track the stuff down. They ended up finding the ditched car the next day at a local hospital, and Biron was relieved to receive a call from a Montreal restaurant owner who had his stuff.

"I didn't ask who, or why, or how they got it back," Biron joked.

Although he never recovered his golf clubs and had to use a screwdriver to start his car for the next two days, he was re-united with his hockey equipment, luckily, a week before training camp.

"All I cared about was my hockey stuff," Biron said.

Biron can laugh about the ordeal now, but he definitely can relate to the Wild's predicament.

"it was not a good feeling," Biron said. "I can empathize with them, especially the goalies."


Matt Moulson's younger brother Chris (he who is often mentioned as the link between Matt and linemate John Tavares...lacrosse buddies from back in the day), is in town for a visit.

Chris, who is on winter break after completing his final exams at Cornell (where he also plays hockey just like his older brother did), gave Matt and John's digs high marks for cleanliness.

"It was [pretty clean]," Chris said. "I was surprised."

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