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Montoya calls out for more goalie safety

Al Montoya makes a save in the first

Al Montoya makes a save in the first period against the Chicago Blackhawks. (Dec. 8, 2011) Credit: Jim McIsaac

Al Montoya got another good on-ice workout Tuesday, his second straight day in a practice setting as he slowly recovers from a concussion. But Montoya's words came out fast and furiously when discussing how he ended up with a concussion, and why he feels the NHL needs to do more to protect its goaltenders.

"They've got to look at that situation again," Montoya said. "There has to be a point where a guy who's driving to the net has to be able to pull up and back off."

Montoya went down to stop a shot by the Jets' Evander Kane in Winnipeg on Dec. 21, and Kane drove right into Montoya, leading with his stick into Montoya's mask. Kane got a minor for goaltender interference.

"If you're telling me that a guy can lead with his stick like that, make contact to someone's head and all he gets is a two-minute penalty? And the goaltender's out two weeks? That's a pretty minor penalty for something like that," Montoya said. "I go down in my crease not expecting to get run over. No goaltender does. You have to be able to do that without thinking you'll get a stick to the face."

Perfect Poulin is back

Kevin Poulin sat as Evgeni Nabokov's backup Tuesday night, a bit of a surprise given Poulin's remarkable week in Bridgeport. He had three straight shutouts and won four games in a six-day span. "You never really expect that," he said. "You get one, and then after the second it's, 'Wow, two in a row.' After the third it's, 'Hey, what's going on here?' But it was pretty special."

Jack Capuano expected Poulin to play this week, either Thursday against the Flyers or Saturday against the Sabres before Montoya is ready to return.

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