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Re-visiting that Rob Schremp goal

 For the record, yes, Rob Schremp is a baseball fan.

Not like that isn't obvious now to anyone who has seen his second-period goal last night, when he swiped a puck out of mid-air and swatted it in beneath the cross bar as easy as if he was teeing up a whiffle ball.

Schremp said he was 100% sure the goal would stand up after review and joked that he was irritated his post-goal celebration (which have sometimes been more entertaining as the goals themselves) was interrupted with the no-goal signal.

"I had one all lined up," Schremp said with a laugh after last night's game.

No one who has seen Schremp spend countless time handle the puck and master those type of moves each morning before practice was surprised he was able to swat that one in to break a 1-1 tie last night.

Least of all, Scott Gordon, who has come to expect that type of skill from Schremp.

In fact, Gordon shared a cute anecdote about Schremp after the game lsat night.

Gordon's wife and two sons were in town last week for the holidays and when his wife and eldest son, a budding goaltender, watched the game against Columbus, his wife questioned Gordon's decision in the shooutout.

"Why is he using Rob Schremp? "his wife asked his son.

"Just wait," his son said, "We are going to win this game."

Little did Gordon's wife know that her son had been the guinea pig in net recently while Schremp patented his shootout moves.

Sure enough, Schremp scored the game-winner against Mason that night.

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***The team did not practice in Dallas today after arriving around 2:30 am last night. Scott Gordon affirmed yesterday that Rick DiPietro will play this trip. If I had to bet, Friday in Dallas will be the day.

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