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Scott Gordon talks about USA's first win of Olympics

I just caught up with Scott Gordon, who was nice enough to take some time to discus Team USA's first win of the Olympics, a 3-1 victory against Switzerland.

The Islanders head coach, who was on his way to drop off his gear and meet up with his family, hasn't had a ton of down time since arriving. After catching a 9:45 flight out of JFK after Sunday's game against Ottawa, Gordon didn't get in to Vancouver until 5 am Eastern time.The next day was meetings, breakfast, press briefings, practice, more meetings until hitting the sack by 9 p.m. local time.

Gordon, who is an assistant coach for Team USA, sounded relieved to get the team started off on the right foot.

"It was great," Gordon said. "It was good to obviously get that first win out of the way."

Gordon said he spent so much time worrying about his own team that he didn't put much thought into his opponents until he saw Islanders defenseman Mark Streit across the ice.

"Only a couple times," Gordon joked about feeling weird seeing Streit rocking an opponents jersey. "I kind of forgot about it until I saw him out there."

For how little time the team had been together, Gordon was pretty happy with how the team played although he said they still have some things to tighten up as they advance.

Goaltending, Scott Gordon said, was crucial to the team's success.

"Ryan Miller, he just makes it look so easy," said the former goaltender, who backed up Ray LeBlanc in the 1992 Olympics in Albertville, France.

Speaking of which, Gordon said the venue is much different from what he experienced as a player.

"The venue is pretty different. It's not as intimate and there were a lot of Canadian fans, but it was a great crowd, a huge crowd and there were a couple of U-S-A chants, which you can never get enough of."


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