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Stuck in mid-air Twitter jail, Staple keeps answering your Isles questions

Josh Bailey of the New York Islanders skates

Josh Bailey of the New York Islanders skates against the Philadelphia Flyers. (Nov. 23, 2013) Credit: Getty Images

While on the flight from St. Louis to Los Angeles, Arthur Staple asked his Twitter followers to ask him questions on the Isles.

He received so many questions, he got put in Twitter jail for responding to so many tweets in such a short period of time.

Below are more responses to questions (responses are in bold).



Scott ?@StAlphonzo 48m
@StapeNewsday Is a roster shakeup type trade possible? Say Grabner or Bailey being moved (assuming anyone wants them).

Doubtful they can make such a drastic move midseason.


Scott ?@StAlphonzo 48m
@StapeNewsday When Strait returns, who goes to make roster space? Release Martinek?

I’d say Ness goes back to BPT.


Geoffrey ?@bockopolis5 49m
@StapeNewsday is the reluctance to fire the coach related to the owner's reluctance to eat his contract?

More to do with the GM not believing the coach is the problem.


Jared Kaufman ?@JaredKaufman91 49m
@StapeNewsday could you see Strome with Tavares if Vanek is traded?

Strome will start as a C when he comes up.


scotty ?@Scottiooo 48m
@StapeNewsday I hear your breezing through peops questions, try this one out. U only need 1 who do u pick Martin or Clutterbuck ?

Tough call. They do a lot of similar things. I really couldn’t say which.


Matthew Hamlin ?@matthamlin4 48m
@StapeNewsday Should Cizikas be playing a larger role? Keeping him on 4th line is not allowing him to truly help the team, more skill there

No, I think CC is pretty good where he is.


Dan Sposato ?@DSpogolf 48m
@StapeNewsday what's the deal with Koskinen. I know he has next year left in Russia on contract. Is he real deal, do isles want him here ?

They do have his rights. Have to see what happens next summer.


Aaron Lerner ?@alerner31 47m
@StapeNewsday Poulin or Nillson have a future with us?

Still to be determined.


Andrew Maller ?@Amalz7 47m
@StapeNewsday what do you think will boost the team more? A trade or firing?



Lino ?@Lino621 46m
@StapeNewsday why did they let ullstrom get away?

Wasn’t a fit. Still don’t think he could crack this roster regularly.


Michael Schuerlein ?@islesblogger 45m
@StapeNewsday Art the guys on hockey talk radio disagree. It's embarrassing. But glad to hear. I like Nabby's outlook too. @Tbradley46

Everyone likes to kick the Isles when they’re down. I still don’t understand why.


Harris Peskin ?@hmp7701 43m
@StapeNewsday Care to comment on Botta's earlier comments about lavy?



Karen ?@NYIslesFanatic 42m
@StapeNewsday have the players stepped up and conveyed who they might feel better playing with? Bailey hasn't played on 1st line yet.

Not their jobs to say. I think you have to succeed first before you get to pick your linemates.


Dan Sposato ?@DSpogolf 39m
@StapeNewsday are the isles players as a whole in some regard too nice? Feels like they take losing too personal and can't snap out of it ?

I do think there’s a missing ingredient of a whip-cracker in that room.


Ian Caterina ?@GoldnDeceivers 36m
@StapeNewsday is that because system is complicated or players are bad or coaches aren't teaching it right?

Mix of guys who should know better and guys having trouble learning it.


@StapeNewsday If coaches feel players/system issue, then why revert to same structures particularly on PK/PP? Why no change in your opinion?

I do think they should change the PP personnel. Changed the PK, hasn’t worked.


Dan Saraceni ?@cultureoflosing 33m
@StapeNewsday that's...not good. Do you think (longshot), they expected a goalie & were surprised by Vanek? Also, who's gonna be the hammer?

I think they were surprised Moulson was dealt, but this goes deeper than that.


Stephen Hume ?@stephenhume7 30m
@StapeNewsday chances we get miller? Maybe when sabers get a GM?

Gonna cost a lot, and then it’s gonna cost a lot in $$. Don’t see it happening.

Cody Taylor ?@Goldberg_33 29m
@StapeNewsday Is it a realistic possibility that the Isles decide to rebuild the rebuild like you mentioned earlier?

No, I don’t really see it happening just yet. Was my take, not theirs.

Matt Taub ?@Matt_Taub 30m
@StapeNewsday do you think the isles will still defer the 1st round pick to buffalo this year?

Doubtful, unless they sign Vanek and feel they’ve got enough talent to withstand the loss.

Bleuchz ?@Bleuchz 23m
@StapeNewsday hey you're playing line ups? Lets see those Staple-Approved-D-Pairs (tm)

I’d try 44-3 and 47-14, just to change things up. But I don’t what you can do back there.

Shot Quality PLEASE! ?@garik16 24m
@StapeNewsday why do you hate me?

Again, this flight only lasts so long.

Thomas ?@palffynyi16 9m
@StapeNewsday I appreciate the coverage,I go to all the games and am wondering how in the world do you think Bailey belongs on the 1st line?

Gotta try something to get him going. He’s here for the long term.

Harry (PJP) ?@JT91theFuture 5m
@StapeNewsday Sure, but on the same token, why was Donovan sent down while Martinek essentially wastes a valuable roster spot?

Martinek is insurance. Donovan is a prospect.

Andre Garabedian ?@FilamentDesigns 4m
@StapeNewsday Fair enough... and I would agree. But do they feel he has played badly?

Not at all. He’ll be back in tomorrow.

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