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Video: DiPietro takes a left hook

Brent Johnson #1 of the Pittsburgh Penguins gets

Brent Johnson #1 of the Pittsburgh Penguins gets in a left against Rick DiPietro #39 of the New York Islanders. (Feb. 2, 2011) Credit: Getty Images

Fights in hockey are common but they never get old for fans. Fights between two goalies are not as common, which probably makes fans love them even more.

Last night’s Islanders game saw Rick DiPietro go down after one punch from Pittsburgh’s Brent Johnson with 17 seconds remaining in the game.

The fight ensued after DiPietro left the crease to hit Matt Cooke, who was chasing a puck against the boards. Johnson took offense to the hit, and that’s when skated down he delivered a punch to DP’s face.

Katie Strang reported in her game story for today’s paper that DP was sporting the beginnings of a mighty bruise.

“He’s got long arms,” DiPietro said after the 3-0 loss. Yes, long arms and a wicked left hook.

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