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Watch the Rick DiPietro interview from News 12

Rick DiPietro tells News 12's Kevin Maher exactly

Rick DiPietro tells News 12's Kevin Maher exactly how it felt when the Islanders put him on waivers and sent him down to the minor leagues.

News 12 sports reporter Kevin Maher interviewed Rick DiPietro on Thursday at practice with the Bridgeport Sound Tigers.

In the video, embedded above, DiPietro talks about the emotions he felt being waived by the Islanders and demoted to their minor-league affiliate, plus what it has been like for him the past few seasons.

The transcript of his quotes are below, but you should also watch the video above so you can see his tone and demeanor and consume the information in its original context:

On the emotions of being waved

“It felt like someone ripped out my heart, and stuck a knife in it and then lit it on fire and then flushed it down the toilet. It was tough. It wasn’t something that I obviously saw coming. It definitely teaches you that professional sports is a business. It’s about what you’re doing now, your performance. It’s about winning. I hadn’t done that the last couple starts and this is what happens.”

On the past few seasons

“There’s times where I thought about driving my car into a tree, off the Throgs Neck Bridge. There’s been a lot of dark times. Lucky for me, I’ve had a good support system. I got a great wife. She’s been the drill sargeant through the whole thing — stay strong, keep your eyes on the goal, stay focused, work hard.”

On being in Bridgeport

“This is a good opportunity to play and win and get that feeling back.”

On his health

“There was three years there, where everytime you go in a butterfly, it hurts. Every time you do something . . . It sucks having to play like that. It sucks having to warm up for two hours before you go practice. It just becomes a hassle, it’s just not as fun as it should be.”

On what it means for his career

“I wanted to be an Islander for life and I wanted to be a part of bringing back that tradition and winning a Stanley Cup there. Maybe that’s still possible. I don’t know, we’ll see.”

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