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What the playoffs mean to me: Travis Hamonic

Travis Hamonic talks to reporters as Islanders clean

Travis Hamonic talks to reporters as Islanders clean out their lockers. (April 9, 2012) Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy

BUFFALO -- Travis Hamonic is only 22, but he has a lot of wisdom about hockey life. Here’s his “In Your Own Words” about getting to his first postseason:

“I don’t know how many times growing up you play for the Stanley Cup in your backyard, or winning it -- you’ve got to get to the dance first to have the opportunity and it’s here now.

“You don’t know how often you’re going to get this chance. I’m a young guy, but you just never know. You don’t want 'em to pass you by and have some regret when now's the chance. We have something special going on here and I don’t want to let this opportunity pass us by.

“There’s just a special feeling I get about our team right now. There’s been a lot of hard times, but as a core group of young players, we’ve done a really good job of growing together and I think that’s really important. You look at the past five to ten teams that have won, it’s all been teams like that and that’s what you have to have now.

“There’s one common goal, and I could give you all the cliches, but there’s a special feeling around the team. Maybe people don’t have it about us outside of the room, but we know it’s there. We know how we feel and we know we can play with anyone. As a young group, we have all the things in place and there’s no reason why we can’t go after it.”


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