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Where Nabokov issue stands right now...

 This post is long overdue, but just wanted to make sure my understanding of the Collective Bargaining Agreement was accurate.

In dealing with Evgeni's Nabokov's refusal to report, the Islanders have the following options:

* They can suspend him. Nabokov would not be paid and would also be unable to play anywhere else in the NHL this season

* They can "toll" his contract, essentially pushing it back until next season. He would then owe the Islanders a year of service and be unavailable as a free agent July 1.

*They can TRY to trade him, although the likelihood that would happen is very slim. Here's why:

        He must first be offered to any other team that also put in a claim on him during the most recent waiver period (Friday Jan 21 at noon thru Saturday Jan 22 at noon). If more than one team (besides the Islanders) put in a claim, priority is given to the team lowest in the standings. He would then go to that team for the original waiver price.

       If the Islanders were the only team to put in a claim for him, however, he would be put back through waivers, at which point everything completely re-sets. Any team may then put in a claim, including Detroit where he originally signed.

      Only if he cleared then would he be able to be traded. Highly unlikely.

I confirmed via league source that the Islanders have not yet appealed to the NHL to "toll" his contract and will continue to wait with the hopes he'll report.

If a "reasonable" amount of time has passed waiting for him to comply with his contractual obligations, the Islanders will then explore their options.

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