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Wilpon: Moving Isles to Queens is Wang's call

Islanders owner Charles Wang.

Islanders owner Charles Wang. Credit: Newsday / Karen Wiles Stabile, 2007

EAST HARTFORD, Conn. -- Mets owner Fred Wilpon was at the University of Connecticut today for a press conference involving SNY. The press conference was to announce a programming partnership with the school similar to the one it has with Rutgers.

Newsday first reported on May 12 that Jeff Wilpon, the Mets' chief operating officer, had recent discussions with Islanders owner Charles Wang about relocating the team to a new Queens arena and also said that it remains a possibility that he could buy the team.

Fred Wilpon, Jeff's father, was asked about the Islanders today.

When asked if he thought the Islanders would have a stadium next to Citi Field he said, "that's just talk. That's up to the owner and what he wants to do. He's trying to get a new arena and, you know, we need a new arena on Long Island. No question. I don't rule out anything. It's not me to make that decision. It's the owner of the team to make that decision and what he wants to do."

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