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Mike Milbury wants to ban fighting in NHL

Then-Islanders General Manager Mike Milbury speaks during a

Then-Islanders General Manager Mike Milbury speaks during a press conference at the Vanderbilt in Plainview. (Aug. 29, 2001) Credit: Newsday / Thomas A. Ferrara

Former Islanders coach and general manager Mike Milbury was known to get into a fight or two in his time as a player.

But on opening night for the NHL on Wednesday, the NBC analyst said the time has come to ban fighting from the league.

During a studio discussion about the declining demand for enforcers with limited hockey skills, Milbury said, "It's telling me that it's time to get rid of fighting. It's telling me it's over. As much as I liked a good scrap in my day, too many issues here involving concussions. Too many problems. The teams are going away from it. Let's grow up and get rid of it."

Later he added, "So many problems with concussions, if you can eliminate certain things, one of them is a fight. If it would eliminate a concussion in that regard, you have to do it. There are too many guys seriously hurt. It's time."

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