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1st round mock draft (Update Number Nine, number nine...)


Well, sadly the VC (Virtual Commish) has to depart for today, but we're 90 percent set for the mock and we'll sew things up tomorrow. Thanks for the interest. Start your research!


Numero Ocho

The Flightless Birds waddle over to LI Joe's draft table....Three teams remaining, oh loyal readers and contributors...Caps, Sabres, Sens. Updated draft order waaaay down below...

PIP: Per your trade inquiry:

DiPietro and two tickets to Saskatooon for Toews? Nah? OK, Keith.


Update No. 7

I've pencilled in airjan for the Wings and Avalanche. But there is a right of first refusal on this Independent Party site.  Will advise.  Going once....


Update No. 6

Blame it on the prescription meds. I booted Icehole's earlier acceptance. So ya know what, I'm a standup guy, my apologies.

Ice, you have been awarded the No. 1 pick (channel some Renney here) and Vancouver's two. (Unless you want the Isles No. 5 and leave me the Canucks. Let me know. No supplemental discipline.)


            Executive decisions. (No meetings, hate em).

           LI Joe, you've just been handed:  Dallas. Give Joe Nieuwendyk a suggestion. 

           And Toponol: Minnesota.  That concludes the Top 14.

            So by Wednesday, we need to have front offices for Ottawa,  Buffalo, Washington. I'd like to have this locked down tomorrow though, so we can start Thursday


              No. 4----Oh, it's on now.  Welcome TomOrtiz71, he's got LA and the Bay Lightning.


               OK, so far we've got Rang9 drafting for Boston and Anaheim; Buke has Florida and Atlanta, LI Joe wants anyone but Isles ( I'll handle Garth's duties and kick it off at No. 1), Tony has offered to take two or more teams (name two or more and we'll keep going)...Toponol, feel free to select two that haven't been claimed, PIP you need to select a couple as well, get with da program. (The Pipster has weighed in:  He's got Yotes and Hawks).

              Oops, sorry Tony, missed your clubs. Will include below, thanks.

                We need some more virtual GMs, so call your friends, sons and daughters, classmates, drinking buddies, folks in the office, what the heck...Don't get your knickers in a swivet over this. Nobody's keeping score. Boy, some people are sensitive... 

              (We very well may be blending this with some of my 2,700-plus Twitter followers, could be logistically tricky, but this will be the festival's Main Stage and we'll see how it all shakes out)....

             UPDATE 2: Please welcome cbuckser (who will oversee the Sharks, and airjan23, who will join us with two selections TBA)

             We're tentatively scheduled to start with the No. 1 pick (Edmonton) for Thursday.....  

               I will take whatever's left myself, but if I don't hear by Wednesday, I will assign teams to fill the last spots....

               The lineup so far:

               Edmonton (Icehole)

               Boston (Rang9)

               Florida (Buke)

              Columbus (Tony)

              Isles  (Blue Notes)

              Tampa (TomOrtiz71)

              Carolina (Tony)

              Atlanta (Buke)

              Minnesota (Toponol)

              NYR (we all weigh in)

              Dallas (LI Joe)

              Anaheim (Rang9)

              Phoenix (PIP)

              St. Louis (Tony)


             Vancouver (Icehole)

             Anaheim (Rang9)

             Boston (Rang9)


            Colorado (airjan)

           Nashville (Tony)


            Los Angeles (TomOrtiz71)

            Pittsburgh (LIJoe)

           Detroit (airjan)

           Atlanta  (Buke)


           Vancouver (Icehole)

           Phoenix (PIP)

           Chicago (PIP)

           San Jose (cbuckser)






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