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Good Morning

Another skate drops: NHL wipes out games thru Nov. 1

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman speaks to reporters following

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman speaks to reporters following collective bargaining talks in Toronto. (Oct. 18, 2012) Credit: AP

Could've been worse.

The NHL, based on its track record, could've axed two weeks, as it had in the past. That would have absolutely terminated any chance for an 82-game season and tossed a grenade into the nascent negotiations.

So this is kind of a non-surprise, just-the-paperwork announcement.  The games---53 tagged on to the original 82 that were smoked in the last cut---wouldn't have been played even if there is a deal on the CBA by the 25th or 26th: That time was projected as the start of training camps.

In order to save an 82-game season---condensed though it would be---the pressure is still on. But unless the sides start talking again very soon, there won't be a lot of time to wrangle a deal before the 25th/26th deadline clock tolls.

Anyway, the Rangers lose the Nov. 1 scheduled home opener officially, and three more road games. Isles lose three more games, and each team is down nine games.  There's more deets on

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