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Rangers' Artemi Panarin fined $5G for throwing glove at Boston's Brad Marchand

New York Rangers left wing Artemi Panarin sets

New York Rangers left wing Artemi Panarin sets against the Florida Panthers in the third period of an NHL hockey game at Madison Square Garden on Monday, Nov. 8, 2021. Credit: Kathleen Malone-Van Dyke

GREENBURGH, N.Y. — Artemi Panarin was fined $5,000 Saturday for throwing his glove at Boston forward Brad Marchand in Friday’s 5-2 Rangers win over the Bruins at TD Garden.

Panarin said he lost control of his emotions when Marchand said something negative to him about his country, Russia.

"I didn’t really understand what he said in the moment, because we had a little conversation — a little conversation with bad energy,’’ Panarin said in English without help from an interpreter after the Rangers’ short practice at their MSG Training Center. "Then I heard something about Russia in that moment. And with that energy, that couldn’t be something good about Russia. So that’s why I lost my mind and then I did what I did.’’

Panarin went on to talk about how trash talk has become a bigger thing in the NHL in the past 10 years or so, and he said he has engaged in it himself. But he said saying bad things about a player’s country crosses the line as far as what is acceptable, and when asked if he thinks Marchand also should have been fined, he said yes because, essentially, Marchand started the trouble.

"I think [what Marchand did] is not honest, because I just can’t control myself after those words,’’ he said. "I didn’t say good things to him [either], but I think when you touch country, that’s different. Nobody can speak about Russia. Only Russians.’’

Panarin said the incident, for which he and Marchand both received 10-minute misconduct penalties with 12 seconds remaining in the game, was his first run-in with Marchand. However, he said he has disliked Marchand — perhaps the NHL’s most infamous pest — for a long time.

He added that as athletes, he and Marchand are role models who need to behave better than they did Friday.

"We have to show, for kids and for everybody, a good example because we’re athletes, and lots of people are watching us,’’ he said. "We have to . . . be good guys. Good men. I think that’s the important thing for long term.’’

It was pointed out to Panarin that he got the last laugh on Marchand because the Rangers won the game. He scored the winning goal, too. That made him smile. "Yeah,’’ he said. "I lost $5,000. So thanks to our old general manager [Jeff Gorton] for $11.6 million [average annual salary]. I’m good.’’

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