Good Morning
Good Morning

Back on the grid....Live chat Thursday at 1


                Slowly stepping back into the routine after an enjoyable, unplugged journey across the pond.  (Returned less bloodied than Eli Manning and no flight attendant deployed a chute, thank goodness)....

               I see there's been plenty of talk and conjecture and squabbling while I've been gone (thanks all), so let's catch up on a live chat on Thursday at 1...

              From my brief dip into NHL cyberspace today, I note that one mid-August topic has been pre-season rankings. That's certainly fodder for Thursday.

               Initial impressions a month before camp: I don't believe the Rangers will finish 13th in the East.  I'm guessing we'll witness another battle for seventh or eighth place, but it's far too early for prognostications....

              One valid forecast for which I can vouch: I'll be reporting/musing daily from here and at, where the number of followers has been growing this summer, so stay tuned...   And we'll unspool some travel tales as time allows.

               "A moment in time, rosin the bow

                Sound the strings of years ago

                A sunlit room at Glenties Fair

                A traveller plays a haunting air....

                Feel his art lift the heart

                Sense the spirits rise and fall

                A fiddler plays in Donegal..."






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